By: Red Pill | 08-14-2017 | News
Photo credit: Charlotte Observer

Drag Queen in North Carolina Teaching Children To Read during ‘Story Time’

In a disgusting display of the society we live in where if you give someone an inch, then don't just take but they demand a mile, a drag queen in Plaza Midwood is teaching children how to read.

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Families actually brought their children to allow them to be indoctrinated by this disastrous display of mental illness at the patio of Plaza Midwood’s Common Market Saturday morning to hear drag queen Brandon James read stories to children.

I can't even make this up, it wore a mermaid costume, and it read several books and took pictures with children as the parents allowed it to happen.

I really don't care what you do in your home, but when you start allowing this to be normalized into your children's minds, you're essentially guilty of child abuse.

James, who originally hails from Charlotte, had made an initial request to host the children’s storytime event at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in July.

The request was denied, and James said he was the subject of ridicule and online hate speech, and threatened to sue.

Common Market, at 2007 Commonwealth Ave. in Plaza Midwood, then later cucked to these demands and announced it would allow James to read at the business.

The owner, Blake Barnes, came out in defense of the drag queen by saying, “It was ridiculous for people to be offended by the show.”

The only thing that's ridiculous is the fact that cultural marxism has indoctrinated society to the point that this is considered normal by people who are supposed to be rational. Neither are true.


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Anonymous No. 6572 2017-08-14 : 16:33

Pantomimes have been done for children for decades, originally any acting shows were forbidden to use women, men 'had' to play the womens parts. Every culture has, or has had this to one degree or another with no issues whatsoever. The real problem here is you, you're either desparatly looking for a story to use to hang your flag on, or maybe you think Marxism has been around for thousands of years, or maybe(and this version I like), maybe you have a secret desire to slide on some stockings, is that it. Maybe you have a little wardrobe inb your den, makeup, ligerie, dresses, etc. Come out of the closet dearie, let's talk about it.

Anonymous No. 6652 2017-08-15 : 12:00


Lefty faggot detected. Go back to your tranny safe space. Trannies are mentally ill and it doesnt matter what you say there is no changing that.

Anonymous No. 6672 2017-08-15 : 18:41

Paranoid rightwing fag detected, you know you're probably frightened about your sexuality, after all, so many of your Nazi heroes were known to be gay, tranny, etc. It doesn't matter what you say, there's no changing that.

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