By: Earnest Jones | 12-04-2016 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater

Illegal Immigrants Continue To Storm Into The U.S. Via The Texas Border

The Obama’s Administration has totally failed in securing the United States borders. Despite the false claims that the borders are secure, there has been several reports of illegal immigrants storming into the country illegally, a case of thousands of Africans that were in the Mexican borders preparing to enter the United States was reported by a Mexican You Tuber who termed the scenario as suspicious since he had not seen such an occurrence in the border. Many people claim that the Obama’s administration is soliciting the next generation bleed of terrorist. However, this is getting more alarming after another occurrence of immigrants flooding from Central American countries as they try to find their way to the U.S.

In a report issued by Breitbart Texas, concerned citizens who reside in the area sent a series of photographs to Breitbart Texas that show groups of illegal immigrants storming into the country after successfully crossing the border. The immigrants were spotted walking in a dirt road after they crossed the Rio Grande River Border with Mexico; the citizens reported that they spotted around 21 illegal immigrants in a few minutes, well, that’s a great number to spot in a few minutes.

The citizens took the photos after the immigrants had arrived from the Rio Grande River border with Mexico, they made their way to a privately-owned ranch that’s near the border. Reports released by Breitbart indicate that during the visit, the Breitbart Texas spotted around 43 illegal immigrants who had just crossed the Rio Grande border.

The National Border Patrol Council had allegedly confronted the U.S. Customs and Border Protection over the fact that CBP had refused to disclose the number of human smuggling that happens to be at an all-time high. Concerned citizens have discovered that the ongoing waves of illegal immigrants is upsetting, the U.S. CBP claims that the trends in human smuggling is below the 2014 figures. However, reports from Breitbart Texas indicate that the National Border Patrol Council had alleged that U.S. CBP has been hiding the record setting figures from the U.S. Citizens until the 2016 presidential election was over.

There has been reports that the Gulf Cartel uses the area where the 21 illegal immigrants and the 43 illegal immigrants were spotted to move illegal immigrants from Central American countries and Mexico, the organization uses that area in Starr County to smuggle convicted criminal, previously deported aliens, and Mexican nationals. The same are is used by the Gulf Cartel to move drugs since the area lack a physical border and there is no law enforcement in the area.

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