By: Earnest Jones | 12-04-2016 | News
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Trump Needs Michael McCaul The Current Homeland Security Chairman To Secure Border

The conclusion of the 2016 Presidential Election had a plain message from the U.S. Citizens, it was evident that every voter is fed up with the casual way that Washington has been handling issues and running the country, every voter appealed for more action to combat the Washington establishment which appears to have no interest in the well-being of the nation.

The American citizens are fed up with the incompetency of the Obama’s administration regarding the crucial and most important border security and immigration. This are the most crucial thigs that any government cannot take for granted. The crisis has reached at an all-time high with many reports coming in daily of illegal immigrants being spotted as they make their way to the country.

The President-elect Donald Trump has this in mind and he’s not taking the crisis for granted like Obama did, Trump is considering Michael McCaul who is the House Homeland Security Chairman to be his Secretary of Homeland Security. Many agree that McCaul is the ideal pick for this role due to his expansive experience.

McCaul has an extensive experience since he is a Texan who understands every inch of the border and hence he can be in a position to secure the territory once again and protect the sovereignty of America.

McCaul has insisted that America needs to regain operational control by calling for a border security surge in a bid to keep terrorists, cartels, and criminals from infiltrating into the U.S. McCaul has the ability to push an emergency call into action plan for a wall to be built with an additional multi-layered defense.

The President-elect needs to scrap Obama’s counterterrorism and reckless immigration policies that have proved to be very inefficient, many Jihadists have taken advantage of any available opportunity to make their way to the U.S. some as immigrants, refugees, students, and tourists.

McCaul has concrete plans that will combat exploitation of the above avenues by ramping up security to block terrorists from accessing the U.S. This will include suspending immigration from countries that are terror stricken such as Syria, and implementing extreme vetting policies that will make it harder for Jihadists to exploit the immigration policies.

McCaul has pledged that he will co-operate with Mr. Trump in ensuring that President’s Obama unlawful executive actions are eliminated and the illegal immigration must be stopped. Based on McCaul track record in Congress, he has the ability to eliminate catch-and-release policies and implement accelerated elimination of illegal aliens that sneak into the U.S. He also has the ability to reduce the funds that federal uses to fund the sanctuary cities that deliberately ignore the immigration laws.

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