By: Kyle James | 08-14-2017 | News
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ACLU Confirms That the Police Were Given a Stand Down Order

American Civil Liberties Union has confirmed in a tweet that police were given a stand-down order. In a quote from the ACLU of Virginia's twitter, police say "We'll not intervene until given the command to do so." This has sparked a heated debate online as several people have weighed in on the matter with differing opinions. One thing is clear, there is a legal basis to one sides protest, and no legal basis to others.

What we know so far is that the far right group 'Unite the Right' had a legal permit to protest at the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia. City leaders actually attempted to have the protest moved but since it was backed by the ACLU, they requested an emergency junction against the city claiming their first amendment rights were violated. The injunction went through on Friday and so did the protest. The problem's begin when a second, unsanctioned group of protesters took it upon themselves to show up en mass to protest Unite the Right.

That is when things got violent, fights broke out between many people and police intervention was required. At one point however the police were given an order to stand down and that is what is the subject of heated debate currently. There are those who bevel that the police had a responsibility to remove those protesters who did not have a legal right to be there and if they had than the violent attack that occurred later might not have happened.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">ACLU confirms police were given stand-down order. They used the violence as a reason to shut down permitted protest. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; 💋👠Tia6 🇺🇸⚓🌹 (@tia6sc) <a href="">August 13, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Anonymous No. 6545 2017-08-14 : 04:46

The freedom of speech allows either side to turn up as both sides have, not just here but at other rallys, etc. If you wish to complain about this, then they are legally entitled to do it back, also bear in mind who turned up with weapons and who started the insanity. The blood spilled here is the guilt of 'all' the scum involved. Also one more thing, if someone needs something from that area, they shouldn't be denied because a coward with a flag, a salute and a gun is unhappy, if 'you' don't like it, 'you' leave America, fuck off to Germany and see what they'd do.

Anonymous No. 6589 2017-08-14 : 23:15

So the antifa should fuck off to Germany then?

In every, single, case, of these widespread disturbances, its always the antifa who show up throwing bottles full of fire crackers, boasting about punching and killing "Nazis" and armed with knives bats hammers and other weaponry.

Anonymous No. 6811 2017-08-18 : 00:35

Let me guess, you're going to pretend Nazis have never had weapons or incited violence. If that's the case, you're either delusional or just a liar. As regards Rallies you know full well that the Nazis, etc always turn up at the oppositions, so don't make out like it's only the one side. Antifa is just another in a line of protesters on 'both' sides, one of the big problems is that each side has hard core vermin which they both do nothing about, but more insidious are the ones who infiltrate an opposing side and incite or start violence so as to make the opposition look bad. Honestly I consider you all to be assholes that wont even try to compromise, as for the deranged fucks who want the others dead, frankly I'd happily see them dead, that way the more level-headed might actually work something out.

Anonymous No. 6818 2017-08-18 : 03:45

So you're admitting that both sides are violent?

Sounds like you took the red pill.

May it be the first of many.

Anonymous No. 6828 2017-08-18 : 06:25

Numbnuts, I've never said otherwise, but that still doesn't change the facts. Nazis have no place in America, or anywhere else, you want more trust in right wing marches? Separate from the vermin, those on the left should also do that, the problem is getting away from the fuckshits. As for your Red Pill comment, grow the fuck up, you're taking a stupid comment off a fucking sci-fi trilogy and trying to sound like your all clever and grown up, it's pathetic. What 'I' have done, is what I've always done, I read, I learn, I educate myself with as many facts as I can find, I 'don't' rely or trust information just because it's on the internet, or because some 'expert' says it's true. I evaluate what information I can get, try to estimate it's overall likelyhood of truth and then base 'my'opinion, decision, etc on that and my gut feelings. Sometimes I'm right, others wrong. If correct I'm obviously pleased, if wrong I do something that for some reason scares people. I admit, if needed I apologise or make restitution and carry on accordingly. It's how I've lived for most of my near 50 years, those who know me sometimes get irritated but they know I don't lie, but the funniest looks I get are from those I meet for the first time, I confuse the hell out of them. So to your little red and blue pill shit, I say balls, most of you are purple(think about it), in the meantime I'll just focus on making my way through 'real' life, without the silly jargon.

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