By: Tyler Cowan | 08-14-2017 | News
Photo credit: Texas Battalion

Richard Spencer Plans to Double Down in Texas

When <a href="">Richard Spencer was called out by Miles W. Mathis for being a likely mole</a>, I was glad someone was speaking out. I’d had my suspicions that both he and Andrew Anglin were at best useful idiots for those who would besmirch anyone standing against the onslaught of Cultural Marxism and Globalism. When Unite the Right began to be painted as white supremacists.

Evidently Spencer doesn’t think he’s done enough to ruin his cause and any near enough to be besmirched through guilt by association. The optics of the situation have set back the right years. Vanity Fair only recently joined <i>NPR</i>, <i>Vice</i>, <i>Washington Times</i> and others in reflecting on the rise of violence on the left. Antifa group attacks and the Berkeley professor now facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon, the Scalise shooter, even the Portland Max attacker was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

<a href=""> <i>Vanity Fair</i>’s T.A. Frank, on the situation: </a>

“ It wasn’t the right that set fire to the streets of Berkeley over an unwelcome guest or that caused Donald Trump to cancel a rally in Chicago or that live-streamed a “fuck Donald Trump” torture video on Facebook or that attacked Trump supporters in San Jose or that set fire to the hair of a woman attending Trump’s inaugural or that smashed police cars in Costa Mesa or burned down the businesses of Ferguson and Baltimore. Nor do intellectuals on the right seem to celebrate such violence, whereas the <i>Nation</i> has published work in praise of anti-fascist violence, and rioting and looting has been defended by writers in the <i>Intercept</i> and <i>Gawker</i> and <i>Jacobin</i> and <i>Salon</i> and even <i>Time</i>.”

Since this weekend’s events being blamed on the acts of an army of Nazis, KKK and other white supremacists, Richard Spencer’s rebrand seems an astonishing failure on all fronts except as a glaring example to normies worldwide of the “danger” of pro-free speech, right wing and populist movements and gatherings.

This didn’t cause Spencer to think twice before agreeing to student Patrick Wiginton’s invitation. “TODAY CHARLOTTESVILLE, TOMORROW TEXAS A&M,” was the stark warning from the press release that went out yesterday. Counterprotests are already being planned. Similar protests have occurred in Oakland, Seattle and elsewhere. On the eve of the deadly events and amidst Nationwide “solidarity rallies” instead of keeping a low profile, Spencer seems hellbent on making an already bad situation worse.

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Anonymous No. 6544 2017-08-14 : 04:35

Is spencer still /ourguy/?

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