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Africans Storm In Mexico to Cross into US: Obama's 'back-door amnesty' brings Somalis to U.S.

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There has been reports of thousands of Africans that have been spotted on the Mexican border as they enter the U.S. this was reported by a Mexican You tuber who happens to reside around the area. The Africans appear to have to familiarity of the English language and most of them are Muslims. In what the footage describes as a very strange occurrence that rarely happens, the immigrants have sparked a lot of suspicion as to what they are up-to.

This reminds us of what the Obama Administration has been doing, his administration had admitted hundreds if not thousands of African immigrants to the U.S. under a secret accord. The accord seeks to channel immigrants through the Mexican border.

In a report made by the Judicial Watch, the Obama Administration has been very successful in encouraging a back-door amnesty program which seeks to temporary shield illegal immigrants from deportation during emergencies under the guise of humanitarian measures.

The amnesty is known as Temporary Protected Status in the last couple of years, many African countries have been covered by this amnesty and hence it’s not surprising to see the numerous immigrants swarming the borders into the U.S.

There has been tons of young men from Syria that have been allowed to enter the U.S. by the Obama Administration as they were designated to be refugees; the same administration also attempted to grant amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal aliens but a federal judge turned down the amnesty in a ruling that the U.S. Supreme Court dumped.

In a report issued by Judicial Watch, African immigrants are housed in shelters in the Mexican border in a town known as Tijuana as they await to enter the United States this is made possible by what appears to be a secret accord between Mexico, Obama Administration, and the Central American countries that the Africans transit on as they come to U.S.

In a report published by a Mexican Newspaper, the Mexico immigration regulators is dealing with a wave of undocumented Africans as a result of Humanitarian crisis, it also continued to say that the immigrants have saturated in shelters located in Tapachula, Chiapa.

The Obama administration is able to grant the African special status due to issues such as the Ebola epidemic, Mexican authorities have reported that the backlog is intensified by the U.S. immigration officials in San Isidro who are very slow since they process 50 asylum applications every day. The Mexican officials at Tijuana have reported that they helped the migrants from Somalia, Pakistan, and Ghana to enter the U.S. via San Isidro. Unfortunately, the special treatment for Somalis has been associated with the adverse conditions in Somalia as Obama administration claims. DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson extended the special access status for Somalis until 2017 March.

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