By: Kyle James | 08-14-2017 | News
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Far Right Group Protesting In Seattle is Met with Anti-Fascist Counter Protesters In Heated Clash

Despite the violence that broke out yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia, another far right protest is underway in Seattle, Washington. Pro Trump Patriot Prayer group has gathered to give speeches in Westlake Park in Seattle but this has spurred anti-fascists and Solidarity Against Hate members to counter protest them. One anti-Trump protester ran up on stage and took the mic from a Patriot Prayer group member who was giving a speech while another began to light a Trump hat on fire before they were stopped.

Police have intervened and have shot pepper spray and blast balls into the crowd to deter the confrontation but the remaining member's of each side remain in a heated stand off. Reporters on the scene say the police have had limited success in stopping the confrontation and the crowd is still heated and emotional. More police are [email protected] and are attempting to heard the protesters from either side into separate groups with varying success. The anti-fascist rally originally taking place at Denny Park but when they realized the pro-Trump Patriot Prayer group was holding a meeting just blocks away at a neighboring park they began to funnel over.

Some of the anti-fascist protesters put on banana's, masks and goggles while shouting chants at the Patriot Prayer group members and ignoring police order's to leave the area. While no one is reported to be injured or killed at this protest, the tensions are high as the scene enfolds in a very similar fashion to the one we saw yesterday in Virginia that claimed the life of a 32 year old woman.


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Anonymous No. 6519 2017-08-14 : 01:16

Wearing bananas in the ass.

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