By: Kyle James | 08-13-2017 | News
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Department of Justice Denounces Charlottesville Violence

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has denounced the violence that disrupted a small town in Virginia over the weekend. 20 year old James Alex Fields drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of protesters who were protesting a rally of white supremacists. Fields injured at least 19 people and killed one 32 year old woman. The violent attack was captured on video from multiple angles.

Calls from both sides of the isle are requesting a Federal probe into the violence that resulted in at least one fatality. Sessions made a statement of his own following President Trump weighing in, "We stand united behind the President in condemning the violence in Charlottesville and any message of hate and intolerance,” Mr. Sessions said in a statement issued Saturday after President Trump had weighed in. “This kind of violence is totally contrary to American values and can never be tolerated."

The attorney general also confirmed that the Justice Department is staying in communication with local investigators in Charlottesville. The perpetrator has been arrested without indecent and is being held on a murder charge and at least one other count of fleeing the scene. Sessions also said "We will continue to support our state and local officers on the ground in any way possible". The video clearly shows a grey sports car drive at a high rate of speed into a crowd of protesters sending bodies flying through the air in all directions. In the terrifying aftermath the driver puts the car in reverse and speeds away.


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