By: Kyle James | 08-13-2017 | News
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While the World Worries About Charlottesville FBI Releases More Hillary Emails

Hillary Clinton isn't out of the woods yet, her irresponsible behavior during her time as United States senator and head of the State Department has not gone unforgotten. The FBI say they still do not know when investigators will finish looking through the emails and that can't be a good sign for the former senator. More classified documents have come to light and they probably won't be the last. The latest documents to be improperly handled by the former first lady were released by the FBI this month bringing the total number of classified documents to 2,083.

The email scandal surrounding Clinton is largely in part to understand exactly what happened during the Benghazi incident when American's on a diplomatic mission in Libya were killed. It was first revealed that Clinton had a private email server in a 2012 probe into the Benghazi events. Since then she has deleted over 30,000 emails before turning over another 30,000 from the private server, most of which have been redacted in some way to not include key information or sources.

It is likely these investigations by the FBI will eventually get to the bottom of what happened to the American ambassador and other three American's in Libya. Until then, the evidence is mounting that Clinton most likely broke the law and the consequences resulted in American deaths. There will likely be several more years in the fight for transparency but in the end it still remains in question whether criminal charges will ever be filed against the former first lady.


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Anonymous No. 6513 2017-08-13 : 23:33


Stop misusing the apostrophe.

Anonymous No. 6537 2017-08-14 : 04:28

He should be allowed to use an apostrophe however he likes. You ain''t the grammar police son.

Anonymous No. 6563 2017-08-14 : 10:46

Would that be the same Benghazi investigations done by Congress that CLEARED Mrs. Clinton of ANY & ALL wrongdoing?

So, NO, Mrs. Clinton broke NO laws (as the law mandating gov't officialls to use gov't email didn't exist until AFTER Mrs. Clinton left office).

Geez, talk about sour grapes & sore winners. BTW, prepare for the Blue Tsunami come 2018. The GOP is dying & the American people WILL take back their country from the cancer that is the right-wing.

RIP GOP in 2018. #ImpeachTrump

Anonymous No. 6606 2017-08-15 : 03:21

What about Clinton's highly suspicious role in the Russia uranium scandal or the highly questionable fainting and seizuring that happened during the campaign trail?

What about laughing off a child predator victim in her face in the courtroom?

Having state-matters emails on a private email server? (huge no-no by the way)

If even 1/50th of the accusations against her are true she's unfit for public viewing and needs to be safely tucked away in confinement.

And don't lets forget the whole "sacrifice a chicken" thing, and Podesta's closeness with her as with her closeness with his demented pedophilic "art" that he likes to decorate places with.

Anonymous No. 6625 2017-08-15 : 07:58

I hate this dyke whore

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