By: Savannah Smith | 12-03-2016 | News
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The Audacity of Losers: Hillary, Kaine To Go On "Losing Tours"

In sports, politics and in any other competitions such as pageants and the arts, we see big winners going on victory tours. Some of those who won on the basis of public support also embark on thank you tours. That's exactly what the tandem of President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence are undertaking in states that delivered them awesome victories. But where in the world has anyone ever heard of big time losers going on losers tours purportedly to say thank you, too, to their supporters who did not deliver to them the cherished triumphs? Only Hillary Clinton and her allies can muster the audacity-or maybe shameless attitude-to do just that!

Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary's running mate, has just announced that their losing team-up will also go on a thank you tour to coincide with Trump-Pence legit trips of their own. Kaine says that he and Hillary want to show their appreciation to their supporters in their line-up of events and tours.

Kaine even goes on to say a few kind words for Hillary-that she's a resilient person and her steel resolve to accept tough times. Consoling words, really that does little to change things.

The Virginia Democrat also tries hard to defend their party's decision to join the recount efforts initiated by another losing candidate, Green Party's Jill Stein. Kaine says they are obliged to participate to make sure that the recount process " is done right". He says further that the people are entitled to know that the results are fair.

Kaine joins the supporters of Hillary who are still in huge denial of their candidate's crushing loss to Trump by continuing to bring up the unproven Russia hacking speculation. Kaine says it is important that all nagging doubts are put to rest, even as he acknowledged that it is unlikely that the recount would result to a change in the election outcome. Even he admits, Trump's victory while disappointing for him is not really shocking.

Hillary has been under fire for joining Stein's recount efforts when she herself was very adamant during the campaign in demanding that Trump accepts the election result because not doing so will be " horrifying" and would only denigrate democracy. Who is destroying democracy now?

Hillary has been embarrassed enough- with her devastating loss, and with her inconsistencies even after conceding to Trump. Results in the first day of recount in Wisconsin has yielded her… all of one point! All that for the $6 million cost? Up to what extent will Hillary and her allies demean themselves further? How pathetic can Hillary go just to remain relevant, perhaps to extend her political career?

Hillary should realize how to stop the bleeding, if she really wants to heal. And perhaps she should rethink those losing tours if she does not want to receive more blows to her ego. If during the campaign where she was touted as unbeatable, she had to face thin and small crowds, how much more now? And what, pray tell, can a losing candidate do on a losing tour? Engage the audience in a pity party, hold a crying contest, solicit comfort and hugs?

Hillary must show mercy-if not for herself, at least to her supporters by stopping her pathetic acts.

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