By: Earnest Jones | 12-03-2016 | News
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Trump Hasn’t Been Inaugurated Into Office Yet and He’s Already Saving And Creating Jobs

Josh Earnest the White House spokesman sounded like a peevish baby a few days ago when a news reporter asked him what the outgoing President Barrack Obama had in mind concerning President-elect Donald Trump’s achievement in convincing Carrier which is one of the last remaining manufacturers of air conditioners in America to retain 1,100 of its 2,000 jobs in America at the Indiana Plant instead of the company outsourcing in Mexico.

Josh Earnest snuffled as he said that it was good for a Trumpster, he added that it was okay for those workers whose jobs were saved but for Mr. Trump to be the man he needs to save jobs 804 times for him to meet the record of manufacturing jobs that President Obama created while in office. The White House spokesman sounded inauthentic.

Earnest added saying that President-Barack Obama had managed to successfully save the American Automobile industry which was completely ruined he said that Obama used the Federal checkbook to purchase the auto industry through a bailout and then shortchanged investors in the process. However, as much as the White House spokesman is trying to defend the incompetent outgoing president Obama, it’s worth noting that the President-elect Donald Trump has managed to fulfill the campaign promises that he made and he’s done that even before inauguration into office.

President-elect Donald Trump pledged that he will continue the process throughout the country by reducing the corporate tax rate and cutting the red tape and the many regulations that hinder businesses from expanding. The reduction in corporate tax and elimination of regulations are part of what caused Carrier to avoid outsourcing from other nations.

The President-elect has made a strong point in the few days he’s been in office, he has proved that big governments don’t create job opportunities, all they do is to inhibit growth in the economy.

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