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#BlackLivesMatter and #Antifa Shut Down Oakland In Massive Protest, Media Silent

What a shocker. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are out in droves in Oakland, California blocking the Freeway wasting taxpayer resources with police having to come out in full force.

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In the video hundreds of protesters can be seen marching through Oakland throughout the night, with some briefly blocking traffic on the Interstate 580 freeway in what organizers called an “emergency solidarity” demonstration.

Police issued an order to disperse shortly after 9:30 PM when about three dozen protesters moved up the I-580 off-ramp at Grand Avenue and then linked hands on the freeway to stop traffic. Others then launched illegal fireworks into the air.

Traffic was completely blocked for a prolonged period of time stopping even ambulances on the freeway as police stopped the traffic to avoid hitting the protesters.

Yes, in ass backwards California the citizens trying to use the roads come second to Black Lives Matter and Antifa breaking the law in a shutdown of taxpayer funded streets without a permit.

After several minutes, the protesters left the freeway and continued marching on city streets as motorists grudgingly made their way through the crowds.

Police later blocked off Broadway as a few hundred protesters moved back into the downtown area, which kept the march from heading toward North Oakland or Berkeley.

Protesters began gathering near Frank Ozawa Plaza in downtown Oakland at 7 PM for speeches as a handful of police officers stood nearby allowing the chaos to ensue.

Just over an hour later, several hundred protesters, including families with young children, began marching through city streets and around Lake Merritt.

Many of those present expressed words of respect for their “comrade”, in reference to the Communist scum which appeared in Charlottesville.

The west coast marxist groups held signs bashing President Trump and saying “Kill Whitey”, the typical Hollywood montages that you hear from these thugs.

“My grandparents marched back in the day,” said Jerrod Anthony, a self proclaimed rapper and artist who said he was from Concord. “I like to think of all who came before us who gave us the right to be here. It wasn’t too long ago we couldn’t sit at the front of the bus.”

I'm sure his food stamps had just chimed in, since in California welfare recipients can eat late night on the taxpayer's dime at fast food restaurants.

Dozens of law enforcement officers from the Oakland and BART Police Departments , as well as the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, were within proximity, but gave the protesters a no dismay in the first hours of the march.

Cat Brooks, Co-founder of the Anti-Police-Terror Project, which was out in full display screaming “Fuck These Racist Ass Police”, claimed the usual victimhood issues of racism and bigotry which he said was on display in Charlottesville also afflict Oakland, pointing to high-profile cases of officer misconduct and police shootings in the city.

The real question is why isn't there any media coverage of this? Or do I even have to ask that question at all? It's quite self explanatory at this point.


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