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After the horrific events that occurred in Charlottesville, where the State of Virginia failed the American people today, one would expect the Governor of Virginia to condemn the illegal actions or violent Antifa members which assaulted those who were legally allowed to march via an official permit.

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To say that you're an American, and you respect law and order and wish to protect the Constitution then you should be defending the AltRight and their legally obtained permit and a right to Free Speech, even if you disagree with them.

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The AltRight came to peacefully protest and March. Their entire goal was to preserve American history and protect the General Robert E. Lee Statue in Lee Park, at this specific event.

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The attempts to erase American history, and history in general, is a long prevalent goal of cultural Marxists and the tribe which finances them. Terry McAuliffe likely has to appease these handlers, which is why of course he would refuse to condemn their brand, which is Antifa.

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In fact, McAuliffe is a well known Zionist tool. One of his leading financiers, dating back to his time as DNC Chair, is the pro-Israel First puppet master who the media refuses to talk about, Haim Saban.

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So who is Haim Saban? Let's talk about that. When Terry McAuliffe decided to run for Governor of Virginia, he was backed by the crooked one herself, Hillary Clinton.

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What came along with that nasty woman was not only corruption at the highest levels, but the incredibly wealthy donors that she had orchestrated as a secret society of cash flow into her organization and the DNC.

Haim Saban, the notorious Zionist, was one of those donors. So close was he to Hillary Clinton that he also headlined a $15,000 plate dinner to raise money for McAuliffe on the campaign trail.

As tourists tend to visit Los Angeles, they go to Disneyland or the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or tours of the homes of celebrities.

However, when people like the Globalist Clinton Crime Family come to the region, it’s often the 23,000-square-foot mansion that belongs to Haim Saban which is their destination.

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Yes, he's that powerful. President Obama hosted an L.A. fundraiser during both of his bids for President, and his aides organized them to take place at Saban’s mansion, according to <a href="">Variety Senior Editor Ted Johnson</a>.

“These politicians, at the upper rung of politics, they want to come into town and they want to be assured that they’re not wasting their time and that they can raise substantial amounts of money in one evening,” said Johnson.

Although he comes with quite the wallet, it’s not just Saban’s own money that holds weight, it’s his friends as well. There’s plenty of people with cash to spare but Saban has the influence to guide them where to place it.

In 2012 for Obama's reelection campaign, Nancy Pelosi convened a gathering of Los Angeles’ top 50 political fundraisers and consultants, and of course, you couldn't guess where it is they met.

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“If you pick his home to have a fundraiser, you are tying into his network,” Johnson said.

Saban has been one of the most prolific and silently vicious Democratic fundraisers in the country. He’s given close to $12 million to Democrats since 1990,

<a href="">according to the Center for Responsive Politics</a>.

Privately he's <a href="">donated more than $10 million to Bill Clinton’s Presidential library and the Clinton Foundation</a> amongst many other globalist candidates and organizations.

According to Forbes, <a href="">Saban is worth around $3 billion</a>.

A large portion of his fortune comes from the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," which he imported from Japan in the early 1990s.

Once the show came to America, those who grew up in the 1990s know it became a classic and very influential on both television and film.

Most cultural Marxists tend to stick to entertainment, which is where you could say that the idea of Jews controlling the entertainment industry comes from.

It's quite true, whether it be film, television, media print and press, radio, record companies, producers, digital entertainment, software, and technology companies, Jews run them. The facts are simply that.

Though he’s mostly stuck to kids' TV, he also owns part of Univision and serves as the channel's Executive Chairman.

He also helped create Fox Family Channel, a joint venture with News Corp. Yes, those infamous Fox News shills you hear Conservatives defending, they're financed and do business with Hillary Clinton and DNC donors. The more you know I suppose.

Dating back to 2001, Saban sold the series "Power Rangers" and the rest of the Fox Family network he partially owned to Disney for more than $5 billion.

Then later in 2010, Saban bought back Power Rangers for a reported $100 million, a massive deal for the playmaker investor.

Saban was born in Egypt in 1944 before his family immigrated to Israel when he was 12. He's often taken many Zionist backed stances and of course, he funds their operations, considering he's a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen. Imagine my shock.

Though he’s lived in the U.S. for decades and is a dual citizen, by far his biggest passion remains Israel by his own words.

“There is no country in the region – arguably in the world – whose values are more aligned with the U.S. than Israel,” Saban told a pro-Israel group in Los Angeles. “But it isn’t only our shared values and love of freedom that tie us together. It is also our common interests.”

Saban has donated generously to local causes: nearly $47 million to Children's Hospital Los Angeles and $11 million to the Saban Free Clinic. However, most of his dollars go outside the city.

“The majority of his philanthropy, that I’m aware is philanthropy, is focusing on Israel’s issues, either in Washington or Israel,” said Jay Sanderson, President and chief executive officer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. “I’m not aware of his involvement locally.”

The website the New Yorker once did a piece on Saban titled

<a href=""> “The Influencer”:</a>

<i>”Although Saban has lived in the United States for nearly thirty years, he remains deeply connected to Israel. He watches Israeli news shows, via satellite, throughout the day, and is a devout fan of the Ha’gashash Ha’chiver (Pale Pathfinder), a popular Israeli comedy troupe that performed for decades. “He knows every sketch of theirs by heart, and he uses their language very often when he speaks Hebrew,” his friend Dan Gillerman, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, said. His hundred-year-old mother and his brother live in Israel, and Saban travels there frequently. Through the years, one of his closest advisers has always been an Israeli and, in business meetings with others on his team, the two would occasionally slip into a side conversation in Hebrew.”</i>

<i>”He remains keenly interested in the world of business, but he is most proud of his role as political power broker. His greatest concern, he says, is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship. At a conference last fall in Israel, Saban described his formula. His “three ways to be influential in American politics,” he said, were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks and control media outlets. In 2002, he contributed seven million dollars toward the cost of a new building for the Democratic National Committee—one of the largest known donations ever made to an American political party. That year, he also founded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, in Washington, D.C. He considered buying The New Republic but decided it wasn’t for him. He also tried to buy Time and Newsweek, but neither was available. He and his private-equity partners acquired Univision in 2007, and he has made repeated bids for the Los Angeles Times.”</i>

<i>”By far his most important relationship is with Bill and Hillary Clinton. In 2002, Saban donated five million dollars to Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library, and he has given more than five million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. In February, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a major policy address at the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, co-sponsored by the Saban Center. And last November Bill Clinton was a featured speaker at the Saban Forum, an annual conference attended by many high-level Israeli and U.S. government officials, which was held in Jerusalem. Ynon Kreiz, an Israeli who was the chairman and chief executive of a Saban company and Saban’s closest associate for many years, attended the conference, and when I commented that his former boss appeared to be positively smitten with Bill Clinton, Kreiz replied, grinning broadly, “No! No! I remember once Haim was talking to me on the phone, and he said in Hebrew, without changing his tone so Clinton would have no idea he was speaking about him, ‘The President of the United States, wearing his boxers, is coming down the stairs, and I am going to have to stop talking and go have breakfast with him.’ ”</i>

So it's remarkably clear how much if an influence Haim Saban actually holds. Why the support for Antifa though? Let's discuss the history of Antifaschistische Aktion, which dates back to the moments leading into World War 2.

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Back In the year 1933, Judea declared war upon the Bush and Rothschild funded Nazi Germany, which was headed by Adolf Hitler, an Aryan, over Jewish immigrant issues.

“Jewish leaders formally issue a “Declaration of War” against Germany. On the date of March 23rd, 1933, 20,000 Jews protested at New York’s City Hall.

Rallies and boycotts were directed against German goods. The front page of the March 24th issue of the London Daily Express used the headline, “Judea Declares War on Germany.”

Similarly, in 2017, Antifa Jews have declared war on President Donald Trump, an Aryan, over Muslim immigrant issues.

History tends to repeat itself. So it should come as zero shocks that the Zionist Jews have used American ideology to twist and contort the people through financial backing, and much of that backing coming from the Zionist Haim Saban.

In the current year, these Zionist Jewish people have been organized through Antifa to subvert and blindly declare war upon innocent whites through the proxy of President Trump’s decision he openly campaigned on to temporarily freeze Muslim immigration.

It works both ways for the Zionist oppressors of Israel, and no I'm not speaking on behest of all Jews, just the tribe of Zionists who manipulate the narrative.

As I mentioned earlier, <i>they control the entertainment industry and all media</i>, so they easily distort the narrative to Americans who believe they're listening to pro right wing television, such as Fox News, but is intentionally pushing Anti-White bigotry through Subversion.

It's genius really. It's working quite well on older or uninformed Americans, who have been brainwashed for years by cultural marxism owned publications and press.

They control Academia by writing the books taught to you in school, they control the airwaves with their propaganda programming, and they push the idea that you will be shamed or made to feel guilt if you're white and proud.

They do the same to politicians like Terry McAuliffe, who cannot succeed without his financiers. They literally control our politicians through lobbying. Some would call it the greatest story never told.

Antifa is the far left Marxist organization which is partially funded by crypto globalist Jew George Soros, has been intent on it's goal to organize useful idiots into starting riots leading to a civil war undermining President Trump and his followers.

That's been the case since the campaign season, with multiple incidents occurring at Berkeley, in DC, and elsewhere leading up to today's now infamous Charlottesville rally.

Soros and Saban are peas in a pod, literally. Both financially supported Hillary Clinton during her campaign, and Saban’s wife Cheryl Saban actually sits on the Board of Directors for the Clinton Foundation.

More revealing, in a 2014 interview Saban was asked how much he was prepared to contribute to Hillary’s Presidential campaign and answered, “as much as needed.”

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You're likely triggered just reading this article, assuming it's antisemitic; but the facts remain simply that and cannot be changed regardless if it offends you or not.

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The thing is, these billionaire Jewish donors do not allow that money to go for nothing. It's a pay to play scheme, and typically it's their scheme which they want you to play, for their money.

Saban has a long history of pushing for punishment of those critical of the US funding of Israel.

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Israel has a population of approximately 7.8 million, or a million fewer than the state of New Jersey. It is among the world's most affluent nations, with a per capita income similar to that of the European Union.

Israel's unemployment rate of 5.8% is better than America's 6.3%, and Israel's net trade, earnings, and payments are ranked 30th in the world while the US sits in the last place at a dismal 193rd.

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Yet, Israel receives more of America’s foreign aid budget than any other nation. The US has, in fact, given more aid to Israel than it has to all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean combined, which have a total population of over a billion people.

The new deal approved by Israel will raise that total to around $3 Billion annually, or around $8,219,178.08 each day.

It should come as no surprise that many of the Patriots in the AltRight are pushing an America first policy, which would mean cut out all of this foreign aid while our streets are crumbling, our buildings are decaying, and most of our infrastructure is in irreparable shape.

So, of course, Saban, and his Zionist backed institutions pressure McAuliffe to shut down the AltRight.

So why should you be shocked? You shouldn't be. The problem is you're probably reading the mainstream press or listening to their propaganda.

There's a saying, if you follow the money, you can always find who's responsible. Every. Single. Time.

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