By: Jim Cherney | 08-13-2017 | News
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Tattooed Face Donut Thief Arrested in Texas

It is hard to imagine this case going anywhere but straight into a plea bargain.

The tattooed face of Christopher Scott Breaker aged 25 will be easy to identify as the culprit who stole donuts and protein shakes from a Harris County Walgreens on August 4.

Not only did he steal donuts and protein shakes, he did it armed.

Armed robbery has a much higher conviction rate, and prison retention rate as well.

He is going away for a long time for stealing donuts.

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After the robbery, he fled the scene in his pickup truck. Interestingly Christopher Scott Breaker had been reported missing. So finding him and his truck should be answered prayers for his family.

They will finally have his truck back.

He is officially charged and arrested for “aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.”

The breaker is being held on $50,000 bails in Harris County, Texas.


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Anonymous No. 6500 2017-08-13 : 20:23

That's about all.

Anonymous No. 6893 2017-08-19 : 16:49

Now imagining any dick with half a brain borrowing/buying cheap wig and mascara, playing dressup and this mook gets the blame.

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