By: Earnest Jones | 12-03-2016 | News
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Iran Says Threatens To Respond to U.S. Sanctions Renewal

In a statement made by Iran on Friday, the nation was against the decision that Congress made to renew the US sanctions for a duration of 10 years as it claimed that this was a violation of the nuclear agreement that was signed last year. However, the country pledged to formulate an ideal response to the situation.

The Foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said that the many statements that the high ranking Iranian officials had raised concerning the recent bill that was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate to renew the sanction against Iran was against the nuclear deal that was signed last year. The spokesman added saying that Iran has proved that it sticks to its international agreements but at the same time it has ideal responses regarding all sanctions.

Having cleared the House of Representatives sometime last month, the Iran Sanctions Act passed the Senate 99-o on Thursday. However, a White House official has said that President Barrack Obama is expected to sign the measure; the White House official added that the White House believes that the extension does not violate last year’s nuclear deal.

Last year’s nuclear deal saw Iran curb its nuclear programme in exchange for relief from sanctions that the United States and other nations had imposed it. Although the legislation does not directly affect the nuclear pact, many believe that the restrictions in the bill are not in harmony with the spirit of agreement.

The bill will subject the energy, banking, and defense sectors to penalties. Among those who supported the nuclear were Senate Democrats Tim Kaine and Dianne Feinstein, they both said that it was necessary for the U.S. to legislate the bill so the the U.S. would have a way of snapping back into action in case Iran violated the deal.

The sanctions bill has not been received politely by Iranians; the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made a statement last month saying that Iran would consider the sanctions bill as a breach to the nuclear agreement. The Supreme leader went ahead and warned that Iran would react to the sanctions bill.

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