By: Red Pill | 08-12-2017 | News
Photo credit: LiveLeak

Violent Black Criminals Terrorize Convenience Store, Post It To Instagram

A group of savage black thugs decided it would be amusing to not only terrorize the public by ransacking an innocent man's convenience store, but then had the nerve to post the video to Instagram later for bragging rights.

These incredibly belligerent and brutaLly ignorant savages took it upon themselves to destroy property of a business where working men and women are employed and rely upon those hard earned dollars to feed their families.

Instead of protesting with civility and respect these crooks walked into the RaceTrac gas station located at 4625 66th St N, in Kenneth City, Florida at around midnight and then started ranting and raving like wild animals.

They knocked over vending, destroyed the drink machine, and threw private property onto the ground for pure amusement.

To make matters even more disgusting than they already were, the hoodrat filth then filmed the entire incident and posted it to an Instagram account, a trend known as the “instagram-dare” which has become popular amongst low IQ criminals from urban communities where they trash a store while acting out for the camera.

Store employees took pictures of the license plates of the teens, because obviously they're not intelligent enough to realize that they aren't the only ones with cameras in 2017, and police were able to track them down.

Police arrived at the scene but no arrests were made in a shocking display of black privilege, instead simply citing them to court.

The court ordered the “teens” to pay for the goods they damaged, and to clean up the store before they left.


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Anonymous No. 6437 2017-08-12 : 13:51

This is why people hate most of these ignorant ass blacks

White people don't act like this

Please go the fuck back to Africa

Perry mahaney No. 6439 2017-08-12 : 14:33

Oh look, Niggers acting like they always act, like aniumals

Anonymous No. 6442 2017-08-12 : 17:07

White people don't act like this?

Your short and long term memory is clearly fucked. I guess all the riots that have 'ever' involved white people(or any other colour for that matter) past you by, well either that or you closed your eyes, stuck your fingers in your ears and started cdhanting la,la, la, la…….

Please go back to Germany, France, Italy…………………..

Oh look PM-s said a bwave word, on the internet

Anonymous No. 6444 2017-08-12 : 18:29

actually, they don't

black dude triggered AF by truths

africa is right over there just go

Anonymous No. 6445 2017-08-12 : 18:31

fking savage niggers

Anonymous No. 6446 2017-08-12 : 18:33

murica would be better off without yall fucking niggers trying to be apes and ougabouga ougabouga

we shoulda never abolish slavery.

Anonymous No. 6454 2017-08-13 : 00:50

Ahh there it is, the denials about other colours and the sad little comments, Imean seriously, ougabouga? Oh no, the 6 year olds have arrived, oh and 'dur-ica would still be in the 18th century as it appears most 'dur-icans were to weak to work the fields. I guess the black population is what they mean when they talk about American muscle, while the dur-ican hides behind his gun. After all anyone can be tough with a gun, well except for El Presidente Donald 5x Chicken . Squawk.

P.S, How much do you want to bet that

Anonymous No. 6444 8/12/2017 19:29:51

Anonymous No. 6445 8/12/2017 19:31:30

Anonymous No. 6446 8/12/2017 19:33:26

are all the same sad asshole, just look at the consecutive numbers and the times. Odds are it's one weak little handed prick pretending he's an army, by the way original slavery in europe was whites, I've got some chains… and a whip :)

Anonymous No. 6460 2017-08-13 : 04:52



Nigga you gay as fuck.

Anonymous No. 6569 2017-08-14 : 15:46

…. By comparison, this fuck shit here make Ryan Lochte & them look like they only just tipped over wastebaskets in that Brazilian gas station. That time..

Anonymous No. 6680 2017-08-15 : 20:47

6460, ooh, fake gangsta talk. don't pretend you're not turned on

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