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In a tragic accident, a worker was killed Friday when a slab of granite fell on him at a Raleigh factory, according to the North Carolina State Department of Labor.

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The victim was a 21 year old man, whose name hasn't been released until his family can be notified.

He was working at the NCO Custom Marble & Granite site, located at 8804 Gulf Court in northwest Raleigh, when the fatal accident occurred, according to police.

NCO Marble & Granite company spokeswoman Traci Hobcroft said that NCO is a family-owned business, and the man who died was related to the owners of the facility.

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“We are a small, family-owned business trying to deal with this tragedy. We ask for your patience, prayers and that you give us the space and time to further investigate," Hobcroft said in a tearful public statement.

A spokesman for the property owner, Ed Scarborough, said that in addition to the fatality another worker was injured in the incident and has been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to the North Carolina State Department of Labor, NCO has a perfect workplace safety record with zero previous violations in its nine-year history of operations, making this a horrific rare accident.

The Department of Labor however will continue to remain at the site while investigating the incident.


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