By: Diana Printz | 12-02-2016 | News

George Soros Should Be Arrested For Treason And Put On Trial

The President-elect's administration has an obligation towards the citizens of the United States of America, this obligation will involve restoring confidence in American justice and the rule of law.

This will only be effective if the individuals that have been subverting the judicial and political systems in the United States are arrested. The number one enemy of the judicial and political system is the Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros.

Most of the Left-wing political and social justice movements have been funded by George Soros. Soros funds this movements with the intention of destroying the founding principles upon which America is built on. However, it doesn't stop there, Soros makes sure that he profits from the capitalistic system.

This ruthless man has backed groups that destroyed the social fabric of many communities. It's evident that he has malicious intent to subvert the constitutional system by meddling with the Electoral College process. The President-elect needs to awaken to the fact that George Soros is a threat to the democratic republic.

The American people cannot watch this man as he steps out from political activity and he shamelessly tries to subvert the constitutional system. In a report made by concerning the protests that were ongoing after President-elect's victory: the current demonstrations and protests are not going to end like the Left-wing anger-fests.

Since the protests and demonstrations are being funded by George Soros, it's evident that he's trying to turn America into a communist state or a single failed socialist state.

George Soros and his supporters are trying to overthrow the constitutional order and replace it with the communist tyranny that he hopes to profit from.

The United States of America needs to stop treating corporations as people when subjected to the judicial system while a small number of selfish individuals are allowed to pocket money from the system. These malicious donors like George Soros engage in corrupt deals such as buying politicians, and influence political issues.

It's therefore important for Mr. Trumps administration to eliminate the subversion of the system which happens through the financing of movements that have a hidden agenda of changing the political system.

It's therefore important that Soros be arrested and charged with sedition; the courts should decide whether or not to free this man at the expense of the country.

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