By: Jasalle Jash | 12-02-2016 | News

Liberal Donors Feels They Got Scammed by Hillary Clinton and DNC

Following Hilary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the election, many donors who financially backed the presidential candidate feel like they wasted their money.

But aside from this, they’re also not happy with the Democratic National Committee’s lack of direction.

In total, Clinton’s donors shelled out about $550 million for her campaign. However, despite the massive financial supporter that she got, the former Democratic candidate still failed to secure the votes of the public.

For these donors, helping Clinton’s camp was a way for them to prolong President Barack Obama’s administration through a new president from a Democratic party. But, given the results of the election, many of them are starting to feel that they spent a lot of money for nothing. To make matters worse, some of the donors’ actual names were revealed in a batch of hacked emails unveiled by WikiLeaks. Many of them believe that Russian operatives were behind the leak.

“They’re tired,” an official from the DNC said according to The Hill. “They’re upset about the election, and there was significant trauma surrounding the Russians. They’re upset and they’re tired.”

But aside from losing money by supporting a failed presidential bet, these donors are also starting to lose faith in the DNC because of its apparent lack of leadership.

Following Clinton’s loss, the DNC has been scrambling to revive and rebuild its internal structure. Currently, the committee does not yet have a clear frontrunner who could possibly lead the Democratic Party against the GOP in the 2018 midterm elections.

But even if the DNC manages to pick itself up with a stronger roster of leaders and candidates, it seems the organization will have a hard time gathering support for its campaign. Many of Clinton’s investors, such as Marc Nathanson, are already thinking twice about showing the same level of support in the future elections.

“The feeling I get from bug donors out here in California is that they’re not only extremely disappointed, but they’re shell-shocked,” he said. “So to turn around and say, now it’s time to rebuild the national party and the DNC, I just don’t see it.”

Another donor, John Morgan from Orlando, said that he would rather give his donations to charitable organizations than support the DNC again.

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