By: Savananh Smith | 12-01-2016 | News
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White House and Democrats Shocking Response To Trump's Jobs-Saving Efforts

President-elect Donald Trump has yet to be inaugurated yet he is already practically running the country from New York, tirelessly ensuring U.S. companies maintain their operations in the country so that Americans get to keep their jobs, while also authoritatively dealing with international relations and diplomacy.

All these while also putting together the best recruits to serve in his administration.

Yet as far as the White House is concerned, all of Trump's massive efforts are still not enough. Trump's success in convincing Carrier Corporation to retain operations in the country consequently saving 1,000 jobs for Americans got lukewarm reception from the outgoing administration. In fact, the White House downplayed the gains of Trump's initiatives and even went out of its way to belittle and diminish the significance of the Carrier deal.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest even took a sarcastic swipe at the President-elect when he said that Trump wanted to take credit for the Carrier deal, even if he did faintly acknowledged the good news that came with Trump's negotiations with Carrier.

Earnest did not stop there and get this- even shockingly dared to compare Trump's efforts when he is not yet even formally in office yet with the supposed achievements of President Obama in his eight-year stint at the White House. Earnest went on to say that under Obama, 805,000 manufacturing jobs were not just protected or saved, but were instead created. The spokesperson said Obama has set such a high standard in economic management.

Earnest also went on to brag about the " more than a million jobs that were saved" supposedly due to Obama's efforts in " rescuing" the American auto industry.

Conservative radio talk show host Rust Limbaugh disputed Earnest's claim of Obama "rescuing" the auto industry. Limbaugh boldly declared that the truth is Obama did not rescue anything, instead " he bought it".

While Carrier employees were grateful for Trump's timely and relevant help that allowed them to keep their jobs, another Democratic leading figure, Sen. Bernie Sanders also joined the fray in undermining Trump's efforts. Sanders even warned that Trump's deal with Carrier has signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore their jobs in exchange for basic friendly tax benefits and incentives from the government. Sanders even played fear monger when he said that companies who are not even thinking of bringing their jobs abroad may now rethink their options, implying that they would want to get the same incentives as the deal with Trump and Carrier.

What is wrong with the White House and the Democrats? Did not Obama say in his transition meeting with Trump after the election that he wished Trump success because his success will mean the success of the nation? And that after the election there's only one team left- and that is team America?

What's the point of comparing the efforts of an elected president who has not even officially taken his seat of power yet with someone who has been there for eight years? Are Democrats that insecure? Or are they afraid for the Americans to know that what they have failed to do in Obama's two terms, Trump has already accomplished in a matter of weeks?

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