By: Savannah Smith | 08-11-2017 | News
Photo credit: WRAL

South Carolina Inmate Goes on Facebook Live Rant With Knife

Rants about terrible prison experience and prison security flaws keep appearing on the internet and the funny thing is, the complaints are coming from an inmate serving a 10-year sentence in a South Carolina prison for burglary.

The question in the authorities’ minds is how inmate Jose Ariel Rivera managed to use a mobile phone to post his videos while flashing what appears to be a knife. The South Carolina Department of Corrections is investigating the matter. Rivera is serving time at Evans Corrections Institution in Bennettsville.

What’s even more strange is the fact that it was not Rivera’s first time to violate prison rules as the 31-year-old inmate has been reprimanded twice this year for going on a profanity-laced post on Facebook Live. Prison officials say Rivera has lost privileges but such post showed he was able to go around the rules.

A prison spokesperson said that they have been very vocal about cell phone contraband, not only in the prisons but in corrections departments across the country. The spokesperson added: “This video is another example of the unfettered access to the outside world that cell phones give inmates, which is why the Federal Communications Commission should allow prisons to block cell phone signals.”

Sen. Brad Hutto of South Carolina, who probes issues with the Department of Corrections, said it’s a cause of concern that state officials don’t exercise more control over what goes inside the walls of correctional institutions. He especially feels for the victims of inmates who may be subjected to further aggravation with their use of social media.

Sen.Hutto said:”Most of these folks have victims that are associated with their crimes, and the victim should not be subjected to seeing any more of the shenanigans that’s going on with these Facebook posts and Twitter, or whatever they’re using to get these messages out.”

He also pointed out: “So, the question is does this affect the security of the prison? Clearly it does if you’ve got a weapon inside.”


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