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What Special Role Is Ivanka Trump Poised To Take In Her Father's Presidency?

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During the campaign, she was considered her father's best endorser, and even his " secret weapon". Intelligent, beautiful, articulate, poised and graceful, she provided both a welcome contrast and balance to her father's firebrand personality.

As the President-elect is now busy putting together his cabinet, and practically starting to run the country as its new leader, questions have been put forward on what role will Trump's most visible child, Ivanka Trump, will play in his government or whether she would instead take over their business empire.

Sources close to the first daughter reveal that Ivanka is poised to take on a special role she herself has chosen- be the champion of climate change on her father's administration. Ivanka was said to have articulated her desire to use her unique position to help fight the problem of global warming, and make climate change one of her signature issues.

Climate change is, of course, one of the controversial policy issues that has always surrounded the candidacy- and now the incoming presidency- of Donald Trump after he was quoted in the past as describing climate change as a hoax invented by the Chinese. Trump has also signified his intentions during the campaign to pull out of the Paris Climate accord and the Clean Power Plan should he be elected. He has shown more openness, however, on climate change concerns after his upset victory. Some observers even said he has " softened" on the issue.

The sources close to Ivanka as reported by Politico share that Ivanka is now in the early stages of exploring how to use her spotlight and influence to advocate for climate change.

Political observers say that Ivanka taking on a crucial and contentious issue as climate change is not really surprising since she has always been viewed as a bridge between moderates and liberals.

Ivanka is also seen as the closest to her father and one who greatly enjoys his trust and confidence. Even if it is not yet clear whether Ivanka will serve as a policy adviser to her father or not, everyone seems to concede that Ivanka as a first daughter is set to play an even bigger role than the first lady- a phenomenon which experts say is a first since World War 1 and unprecedented in these modern times.

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