By: Earnest Jones | 12-02-2016 | News
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Trump Warns Outsourcing Firms Of 'CONSEQUENCES' At Indiana Carrier Visit

President-elect Donald Trump pledged that he would make sure that the job opportunities are retained, created, and brought back to the United States of America. Well, the President-elect has already started fulfilling his promises to the country even before he is inaugurated into office. The President-elect managed to secure many jobs from various corporations; he recently managed to convince Apple to consider building a huge plant in the U.S instead of outsourcing in Taiwan and China, he also managed to convince Ford Motor Company not to move its operations overseas.

These are just some few examples of what the President-elect has achieved in the few days after his election. However, Mr. Trump is not taking this issue lightly, he has gone the extra mile in ensuring that companies retain their operations in the U.S. failure to which they’ll be Trumped.

Donald Trump has warned companies that they’ll face some dire consequences for their decision to outsource jobs overseas. Mr. Trump has managed to convince an air conditioner to retain around 1,000 jobs in the U.S. instead of moving its operations to Mexico as planned.

Mr. Trump added that companies are not going to move their operations from the U.S. without consequences, he made this statement while visiting the Carrier Corp plant in Indianapolis.

Although the President-elect did not clarify on what exactly the consequences would be but during the campaign period he said that companies will be subjected to a 35 percent import tariff on all good made by American manufacturers that outsourced overseas.

As a result of enormous pressure from Mr. Trump, Carrier announced that it had agreed to retain more than 1,000 jobs in the U.S. and at its headquarters.

Mr. Trump pledged that he would handle the businesses that are tempted to move their operations overseas in a bid to save money. He added that his administration would create a healthy working environment that would reduce the tax rates and the regulations creating a conducive environment for businesses.

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