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Christian School Refuses To Report Rape of 12-Year-Old Saying, "Turn The Other Cheek"

When a 12-year-old rape victim tried to report that he was being raped by other students at Brentwood Academy he was ignored in 2014-2015. A lawsuit filed after the assaults claims the headmaster at the Christian school told the victim he should "turn the other cheek." He also told the victim "everything in God's kingdom happens for a reason" according to the lawsuit against the headmaster, several other employees at the school and the victim's attackers.

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Brentwood Academy is a religious private school located in Williamson County in Tennessee. The lawsuit names several staff and at least four other students who are accused of repeatedly sexually abusing her son. In the lawsuit, the victim states that several other eight-grade students ranging from 14-15 years old, raped him on more than one occasion. The victim was in the 6th grade at the time of the assaults. According to the lawsuit, the attacks occurred in the locker room, often in front of other students. The lawsuit describes how one of the victim's attackers "would place his penis before plaintiff John Doe and forcibly penetrated it into the mouth of John Doe without consenting claiming 'eat it, eat it, eat it, open your mouth, accept it". The victim was also anally raped by the same boy who told other students he had "f***d that boy up the ass and stuck a Gatorade bottle in him".

The victim's mother approached several of the Academy's employee's with pleas to take action for her son. Each time she was met with excuses ranging from "reporting this may not be the best thing to do" to "this isn't how Christian institutions handle these things". The same headmaster who had told the victim to 'turn the other cheek' told his mother that this was a case of "boys being boys and he could not investigate each of those and run a school". The lawsuit is seeking at least $30 million in damages.


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Anonymous No. 6366 2017-08-11 : 03:52

I'd turn her other cheek.

Anonymous No. 6367 2017-08-11 : 03:53


Oh shit. Nevermind.

Anonymous No. 6374 2017-08-11 : 05:39


Anonymous No. 6384 2017-08-11 : 10:36

Isn't that the boarding school from that 1980s horror movie?

Anonymous No. 6404 2017-08-11 : 18:43

Q. What do you call someone who's been raped by the wealthy?

A. The accused/guilty.

Anonymous No. 6463 2017-08-13 : 05:04

Christian School Refuses To Report Rape of 12-Year-Old Saying, "Turn The Other Cheek"

Sorry, question. Did they say 'turn', or spread?

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