By: Savannah Smith | 12-01-2016 | News
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Stein Admits Recount Efforts Are For Hillary " She Was Not Supposed to Lose"

What's the real motive behind the recount efforts in three states?

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has firmly claimed from the start that her party's recount initiatives are aimed at protecting the integrity of the electoral process. Stein maintained that there may have been hacking concerns they want to look closely into involving the trio states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, even as she has also always admitted that they do not have hard evidence of any election irregularity or outright rigging.

Even the Obama administration has been candid enough to say the election results reflected the true will of the people. Election experts also said they are doubtful of any irregularities, and are even more skeptical that a recount would change the election results.

Stein and party still went on an aggressive fund drive to cover the recount costs, managing to raise $6.3 million, far more than what they were able to raise for her own entire presidential campaign. Stein is actually near now with their amount target of $7 million. Hillary Clinton has also joined Stein's interest in the recount.

What is really Stein's motivation behind the recount? Is it really electoral integrity or some lofty moral objective? Well, sometimes the truth slips straight from the horse's mouth so to speak, or in this case- Stein's. In an interview with The Alan Colmes Show, Stein just- perhaps unwittingly -revealed that they are undertaking recount efforts in the trio states because Hillary Clinton was supposed to win those states.

"The three states that we chose including Michigan that only just now declared its winner. This was not a partisan choice, this was zooming in on the states that have the markings of being most vulnerable to hacking because they had their margins. They went the opposite way of what was expected and they had some kind of voting system vulnerability", Stein said in the interview.

So all these are for the sake of Hillary Clinton, that is why Stein and Hilary have become such fast BFFs? All these recount nonsense and monumental waste of time and resources because Hillary, her camp, with Stein as attack dog, are still in denial that Hillary has suffered an epic loss and that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of America.

Stein, Hillary and their allies perhaps refuse to believe the fact that Obama's previous supporters in those states have switched to Trump, hence the upset. It could be in repudiation of their dissatisfaction of Obama's administration, or due to Hillary's untrustworthiness, or even of the hope and excitement Trump inspires. But none of these matters to Stein and company because they are fixated with the thought that Hillary was supposed to win. But she lost- big time.

Truth is, there are enough security measures in place to ensure the integrity of the voting and the election in general in those states. In Pennsylvania in fact the system used to program the voting machines aren't connected to the internet, all 4,500 machines placed in one warehouse with tight surveillance all day, all year round. There is also an independent agency that randomly selects voting machines through out the state to determine if there's any malicious software on it as a secondary measure. So, all the grounds are pretty much covered.

Stein also missed the Keystone State deadline which means she has to challenge the results in court, but that would entail presenting evidence of hacking or that mass voter fraud occurred- evidence she already admitted they don't have.

The Green Party website says any funds they will raise in excess of what's needed for the recount costs would also go to election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reforms. Or maybe for their party's 2020 campaign? President-elect Donald Trump did observe that Stein's recount efforts are nothing but a scam.

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