By: Earnest Jones | 08-10-2017 | News
Photo credit: Arlington Police Department

Watch: Wannabe Robber Chased off by Texas Store Clerk

A great majority of individuals dread the encounter of having to deal with an armed robber. However, some warriors out here have little to no concern in the way they handle life and death situations. It’s therefore recommended that one hand over their money or property whenever they are confronted by someone with a gun.

Society has nurtured an environment where the underdog almost never wins and the human spirit suffers because of it, it is not only acceptable but probably also important to stand up and cheer a video of a father and a son who resisted two robbers who tried to raid their electronics store.

The security video, which was captured on the 18th of July, has been circulated by police. It shows the dramatic encounter between the amateur robbers and store owner Khurrum Monga and his son, Haris, in hopes that someone can identify them.

Unfortunately, the two men got away after the Mongas’ epic takedown, but they were empty handed.

Reports released by Khurrum Monga revealed that the two men looked suspicious from the moment they walked in the door of his store. It was a sweltering, 100-degree day in Arlington, and one of them was wearing a black hoodie.

The robbers claimed to have electronics that they intended to sell. However, instead of pulling out a cellphone, one of them displayed a gun.

The father and son switched to a fight mode after the first man leapt over the counter, they then resulted in a wrestling hold in the narrow alley behind the counter.

The first robber approached with his gun, and the second made a break for it, dragging the Mongas along with him to the door. The first man had already fled the store but came back to back-up and help his partner wrangle out his hooded sweatshirt, one of the men got a hold on, and broke free.

Khurrum Monga revealed that the harrowing experience unfolded in a matter of seconds. As his son was holding one of the suspects, he was yelling at his accomplice to “Shoot them! Shoot them!”

Reports from Arlington Police Department’s Steven Bartolotta revealed that the robbery targets tried to defend themselves, but the Mongas took self-defense to an extreme and dangerous level.


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