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Black Lives Matter Thug Says ‘3 People Will Die Today’, Then Runs Over Pedestrians In Denver

Denver law enforcement say that a suspected member of Black Lives Matter who ran over multiple pedestrians was on a premeditated mission to kill others.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Fatal Denver hit-and-run suspect: ‘3 people will die today’: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Denver7 News (@DenverChannel) <a href="">August 9, 2017</a></blockquote>

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26 year old Eric Ukuni ran over and killed a pedestrian near 40th and Havana, and then tried to flee the scene of the homicide.

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Witnesses told police that Ukuni, who was driving a stolen pickup truck, appeared to have intentionally slammed into the back of another driver’s car just west of Havana, and then accelerated at high speeds through the intersection striking and killing an elderly man who was trying to enter his work van.

On the Denver Police Department’s probable cause statement, officer say suspect forcefully stole the truck used in the fatal hit-and-run from a father and daughter who were pulling out of a Commerce City parking lot just moments before the Denver attack.

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The police report states that Ukuni used a screwdriver and shoved it into the neck of the truck's driver and threatened to kill him if he didn't give up the vehicle. The man's young daughter was with him and he agreed without a fight.

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Authorities say Ukuni then tried to run over the owner of the stolen truck before Commerce City Police arrived on scene.

The man killed in the crash was later identified Wednesday as 66 year old Ernest Gurren. Co-workers say he was a deliveryman for OnTrac Shipping.

Below you can see the GoFundMe set up to raise money for the family of the victim.

<a href="">On August 8, 2017 Ernie's life was unfortunately taken. Ernie was a husband, a son, a father, a grandfather, and just an all around an amazing man. He was a retired Assistant Principal at Aurora Central Highschool and a loving mentor to anyone who needed it. His life was stolen abruptly, and this fund is meant to help with the costs the family didn't know they needed to prepare for.</a>

Ukuni has a criminal history, according to police records, including first degree criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer, and disorderly conduct, among other charges.

Police eventually caught up Ukuni in the stolen truck, but during a hot pursuit lost sight of the vehicle. Police were then called to the Havana 7-Eleven store where eyewitnesses called emergency dispatch to report that Ukuni had fatally struck Gurrini and then tried to steal two other vehicles to get away but was unsuccessful.

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Several brave citizens took matters into their own hands and restrained the homicidal maniac. Employees who were refueling their work truck say Ukuni tried to steal their vehicle and they stopped him.

“We’re like, ‘Oh no.’ We ran up and threw the dude out,” said Team Wash employee Justin Trujillo. “He was tussling a little bit. We knocked him down, and he ran out into the street.”

At one point during the struggle, investigators say Ukuni told witnesses that he had a hit list and that “three people were going to die today.”

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Police have not released details into a possible motive behind the crime, which is infuriating locals because the man clearly admitted the acts were premeditated and that he has a self proclaimed hitlist.

A statement made to police by Ukuni was redacted in the official report released to the public, in what many say is an attempt by social justice warriors in a heavily progressive ran state to cover up the motives behind the crime.

The police report went on to say “Mr. Ukuni’s actions all appeared to be random.”

Ukuni is being held on charges of first-degree murder, six counts of attempted murder and aggravated robbery.

Ukuni is being held on charges of first-degree murder, six counts of attempted murder and aggravated robbery.

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Anonymous No. 6332 2017-08-10 : 12:58

Nice truck

Anonymous No. 6339 2017-08-10 : 14:09


The quality of Ford trucks is always there.

Anonymous No. 6344 2017-08-10 : 19:23

This racist nog deserves the rope

Anonymous No. 6386 2017-08-11 : 11:09

Wait, how is he tied to BLM in any way? Because he also agrees that some cops get away with murder? Seems like an unnecessary addition to the article and gaslighting to smear a group. Isn't this POS being an alleged murderer enough?

TriHard No. 6396 2017-08-11 : 15:28

man he ain do nun free my man real spill on my mommanem du we was kangzzzzz n shieeeeeet

Anonymous No. 6681 2017-08-15 : 20:57

What makes me laugh is all the racists that say kill this guy it was deliberate, Then when a Nazi Shitlerite does the same start pretending it was an accident. Guess it's true, when it comes to responsibility Nazis only have a max of one ball.

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