By: Kyle James | 08-10-2017 | News
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Older Brother Of 6 Year Old Shoots And Kills Him While He Played Video Games

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Police in Gulfport, Mississippi say that a preliminary hearing has been scheduled after a 16 year old boy shot and killed his own little brother earlier this week. The victim of the shooting was a 6 year old boy who was playing video games when his older brother pointed a loaded handgun at him. Albert Deonte Craft III said in a sworn statement that he intended to scare his little brother using a .38 caliber handgun. According to Craft, he then pulled the trigger of the handgun but nothing happened.

Craft should have immediately put the gun down and realized how close he had come to murdering his own little brother. Instead, he pulled the trigger again, this time the gun went off firing a .38 caliber round into the 6 year old's stomach. The 6 year old died from the gunshot wound to the stomach in the Gulfport Memorial hospital hours later. Albert Deonte Craft III illegally acquired the weapon used in the shooting according to Gulfport police Chief Leonard Papania and he is now being held in police custody.

At this time it is unclear if Craft has an attorney and the thoughts and prayers of the police and neighbors go out to the young boy and his family. The exact motive that made Craft shoot and kill his own 6 year old brother in the stomach is unclear at this time but local investigators are working towards obtaining all the details of this case.


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