By Earnest Jones   |  08-10-2017   News
Photo credit: Manatee County Sherrif's Office

It barely gets this ugly, how would a mother lock her child in a freezer? Well, that only happens in Florida.

Following the heinous act which led to the death of the innocent girl, the mother has been sentenced to 65 years in prison as reported by the Sun Sentinel.

The mother, who has been identified as Keishanna Thomas, was sentenced on Wednesday, according to the outlet. She pleaded no contest to second-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and abuse of a dead body.

The authorities reported that the 11-year-old Janiya Thomas was found stuffed inside a freezer in October 2015. The 33-year-old reportedly shipped the padlocked appliance to a family member’s home in Bradenton.

Unfortunately, Thomas’ relatives heard the child was missing and that’s when they decided to open the freezer.

A state report that was obtained by the Sun Sentinel revealing the details surrounding the child’s death gives further clues as to what happened. According to the documents, Thomas killed the girl through a combination of starving, asphyxiation, and drowning.

The publication indicates that the pre-teen hadn’t been seen since June 2014. The child protective services investigators seem to have slacked on the case. Similarly, other agencies failed to further investigate reports of violence in the household.


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Anonymous No. 6327 1502363693

65 years of wasting our tax money. We should just send her to the gallows.

Anonymous No. 6338 1502374001


And no injection. They need to do it right.

Hanging is the right way to deal with this.

NN No. 6340 1502374527

Deliberate Murder should have 1 sentence Death.

The minimum this will cost taxpayers over the next 65 years @ $115+ a day is $485,875.00 and that is not counting free medical and other services this IT will get.

This is not justice, and sends others like her the wrong message.

Anonymous No. 6496 1502650761

6340; you forgot inflation and you could add interest lost had it been left in account.

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