By: Savannah Smith | 12-01-2016 | News
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Twitter Threatens To Kill President-Elect Trump's Twitter Account

Popular social media site Twitter has just issued a shocking and potentially dangerous threat-that of possibly killing the Twitter account of no less than the President-elect Donald Trump.

A Twitter spokesperson said they would consider the unprecedented move of banning government officials' Twitter accounts, including incoming President Trump, if their rules against "hateful conduct" were violated. It is obvious, however, that the site is merely zeroing in on Trump and literally looking for the kill.

Twitter is defending said potential ban against Trump by bannering their rules which " prohibit violent threats, harassment, hateful conduct, and multiple account abuse". Twitter says they will take action on accounts violating said policies. The social media platform emphasizes that their Twitter Rules apply to all accounts.

Given Twitter's horrible history of bias against Trump and their selective enforcement of rules, such a ban on the next American President's account is not unlikely.

However, the site should be ready to explain how they have arrived at such a decision if ever, and how Trump's tweets or use of the site specifically constitute violations. And are Twitter officials equally aware of all the vile thrown against Trump, family and allies through Twitter by Hillary Clinton supporters and allies? Are they looking at that, too?

A social media site such as Twitter benefits from the general freedoms on media and expression American people fundamentally enjoy. Given their influence and reach, Twitter is supposed to be non-partisan and impartial. To continue to show not just dislike but outright antagonism and harmful intentions towards certain personalities like Trump is to court a strong public backlash at the very least.

Trump, in spite of his issues with Twitter, has continued to use the platform to reach the American people faster and wider with his timely and relevant messages. Killing his account indiscriminately is what would actually constitute " hateful conduct" and deny not just Trump but more so the public of a useful service.

Twitter can go ahead with their threat-but at their own peril. It might just trigger Twitter's own destruction and eventual doom.

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