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The Value of American Brands Raise Stock Price in the Tech Industry Worldwide

Limitless and seemingly flawless new wireless communication companies are growing due to iconic American branding investing into their products strengthening American namesakes globally.

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Burger King is a major player in the world market now with such tech investments, resulting in their growth and increasing the interest from other American companies to further their own investments.

Connected IO (ASX:CIO) shares are now trading 14% higher mid-day this afternoon since crossing a major milestone by delivering it's symbolic and cutting edge ER1000 routers to more than 3,000 Burger King stores in the company's chains across the United States.

The fast food giants interest in the wireless technology combined with their massive market share in their own respective industry is a recipe for success for both the tech and agricultural as well as service industries that rely upon the profit margins of one business to trickle down into their own.

Connected IO is a company specializes in machine to machine (M2M) connectivity, which in turn provides hardware and software solutions to some of the world’s largest companies; including Coca Cola, Verizon and AT&T among many others.

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The latest milestone from the company marks the completion of their ‘Phase 1’ plan of the Burger King opportunity, which introduced to Connected IO through its close partnership with Verizon in the United States.

Most Americans do not realize that this widely different industries benefit one another in such fashion in which they can keep American stock trading high with great returns for investors.

The routers were deployed discretely due to the cyber security sensitivity of the project, according to those close to the plan.

Connected IO has a history of growth, and by planting its roots into the realm of other sectors it fulfills a promise of buy American, hire American, following Ronald Reagan’s system of belief that corporations can in turn pass along great gains for individuals in small business.

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Burger King now intends to use Connected IO’s ER1000 routers for in-store applications including fail-over for point of sale terminals, quality monitoring systems, sensors and security, as well as more interactive ordering experiences for it's customers from movie devices and touch screen kiosks for drinks and food.

Fail-over wireless communication provides Burger King a guarantee that payments, orders, and other critical functions of a store's operations will remain standing in the event the primary connection is down due to power outages or low signals from storms.

Burger King has a whopper of a chain, with 15,000 outlets in a double-whopper of 100 countries with a triple-whopper of 47.5% of these businesses located in the United States alone.

Connected IO will also continue to deliver to additional Burger King stores throughout 2017 and 2018 with an opportunity for multiple units per store, and expansions.

The growing rollout through the Burger King chain of stores provides entry for Connected IO to the ever expanding quick service restaurant (QSR) sector, which is increasingly relying on technology from every competitor in the industry to provide customers with the best ordering experiences.

In the U.S. alone there are over 300,000 QSR stores that can be targeted by the company, making the profit margins and potential a whopper in itself.

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