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CIA Directs Corporate Media On How To Lie To Americans

There has been an ongoing issue that disturbs every American citizen, the fact that the government and the media can no longer be relied upon to provide accurate and facts based information. The conclusion of the presidential election enlightened many individuals who were ignorant of the fact that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to provide accurate information. This issue has not started recently, it’s been a problem for decades that has eroded the perception of the average citizen.

The corporate media has been working in collaboration with the establishment to further the biased agenda from the government. In the U.S. senate, back in the year 1975, a CIA director admitted to the senate that 400 agents dictated fake news with the intention of manipulating Americans. The then CIA Director Colby revealed that the CIA was directing the corporate media on how to deceive the American people. This confession by the CIA Director was in the Church Committee.

This issue is well documented with some major milestones that unraveled key investigations and enquiries that date back to a hundred years back. The oligarchic control of the corporate, mainstream media sprang back in 1917 congressional record. It was unveiled by a congressional member named Oscar Callaway that there was evidence that J.P. Morgan had bought editorial control the nation’s top 25 publications that were influential with the intent of creating public support for the U.S. to join the World War 1; this led to the conception of the Federal Reserve system. However, the other congress members voted against an investigation to the matter.

The mainstream media has been messing with our heads for a long period. It is a well-known fact that torture is a war crime based on the U.S. policy. However, the mainstream media eliminated the link between torture and waterboarding after reports surfaced that the U.S. was waterboarding detainees in an unlawful manner. This is a trend that has continued for a long duration; in the just concluded election, the corporate media was circulating lies about the President-elect Donald Trump by trying to portray him as racists because of his stern proposals against the establishment.

There has been an awakening that many people have come to realize recently. Polling has recently proved that 99.99% of the non-elite individuals are no longer relying on the corporate media and its inaccurate information and lies. People have realized that the news being circulated by the media and government is out of hand.

There has been a drastic drop in the number of Americans that trust the government; from the year 2010, only 20 percent of Americans trusted the government. Four years later, the number dropped to 7 percent.

Many have awakened to the fact that the American Corporate media is a political organization that is biased, ruthless, and inaccurate. This untrustworthiness has spread across the globe as with other nations viewing U.S. as the largest threat to peace. Many nations view the U.S as the most dangerous nation on the planet. The nation has started 201 of the 248 armed conflicts causing 30 million deaths after which the rogue empire shields itself with lies from the corporate media.

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