By: Savannah Smith | 08-09-2017 | News
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Thugs Film How They Rob Pizza from Delivery Guy; the Internet Gets Back at Them

A video is going viral showing a pizza delivery guy being robbed of his pies by aggressive and violent street thugs.

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The footage shows the delivery guy handing two boxes to a man, who put on an act that he’s just going to get money from his car. As he goes to a vehicle parked behind the delivery guy, another man comes up to the pizza guy and distracts and bullies him into moving away from his vehicle. Just as his focus and attention are on the guy bullying him, all the other pizza boxes are taken from his car by other men who are obviously in cahoots with the first man who got the pizza delivery. One black man in a white shirt could be seen running off holding pizza boxes close to his chest. The neighborhood thugs could even be heard laughing to their hearts’ content as if they find their criminal antics funny and entertaining.

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The thugs show no hesitation in breaking the law, and in causing harm to another person. Even more shocking is that they were even the ones who film their robbery tactics and uploaded the video online thinking perhaps that it will draw laughs and fun comments. The internet got back at them and condemned their act and slammed the guys who ganged up on the poor pizza guy.

Many social media users who have viewed the video also did not hold back in giving their passionate opinions and feelings on the incident.

One wrote commenting his belief that what happened is a good illustration of the need to carry guns: “And this is why everyone should carry a gun. Sh*t wouldn’t be funny anymore if they all got shot.”

Another commented: “This is why nobody delivers anything in the hood past 9 p.m.” The crime, however, happened during broad daylight, and in fact, highlights the reality that criminal acts affect the residents the most.

One viewer commented that the thugs deserve nothing but jail time for their criminal act that’s not funny at all.


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