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Democrats The Party of Racism And Racists: Symone Sanders Provides Proof

In the much-heated presidential campaign that was just concluded, Americans were fed with a steady diet of claims that President-elect is racists; this propaganda went further and branded even the supporters of Donald Trump as racists. However, nothing could be further from the truth, all that propaganda was a big lie that is progressively going to be eliminated from the minds of Americans.

It’s funny how President-elect Donald Trump was branded racists after pledging that he would reinforce the immigration laws in the U.S. whereas this is what responsible presidents ought to do. Mr. Trump even made several attempts to reach out to the minorities but some of the arrogant leaders were not welcoming; implying that they are not ready to reconcile, this begs the question on who is the real racist.

Symone Sanders, the African-American spokesman for the Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign had strong and viable comments on the direction that the Democratic party should take and who should take leadership of the party.

Symone Sanders said that Howard Dean was present during the 50-state strategy but his record on maligning millennials and young people was not ideal for the future of the party. She added that the Democratic party doesn’t need white people to lead the party.

Sanders pointed out that the diverse nature of the Democratic party necessitates that the leadership levels from the highest to the staff members should reflect this. She also insisted that the party should have a robust discussion involving all the candidates. She concluded by saying that she needs to hear from the brown folks and the millennials.

It’s surprising that Democrats would allow one of their own to make such statements publicly while no one has criticized Sanders. However, this is a perfect example and illustration of how Democrats think; a trend of thought across the party. The Democrats rely on the Divide and Conquer strategy. They operate by assembling a group of people who they brand as white America, homophobic, bigoted, and ‘’victims of’’.

It's evident that the Democratic party is truly racists party based on the fact that her party will not discipline her for the comments.

Symone Sanders is just another example of what is wrong with our political system; she ought to be ashamed of her racist sentiments. Therefore, the Democratic party is creating the division causing so much shrill and bitterness, not the Republicans who are uniting the nation.

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