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Boko Haram Kills 31 Fishermen in Nigeria

At least 31 fishermen have been killed in separate attacks on islands in Lake Chad in northeastern Nigeria.

The guerrillas entered the islands of Duguri, Dabbar, and Anzam in the lake on Saturday, firing on and killing fishermen.

Babakura Kolo, a member of a local group fighting extremists in the city of Maiduguri, told AFP that Boko Haram people attacked the islands of Duguri, Dabbar, and Anzam, killing 31 people.He added that Boko Haram elements "killed 14 people in Duguri and 17 in Dbar and Anzam.

"Moussa Ari, another fighter who confirmed the killings, said the fishermen arrived on Friday on the islands on small wooden boats on Friday in search of fish.

There was no immediate information on the attacks because Bucco was destroyed in the region's communications network during the attacks of the past few years.

The fishermen first attacked the island of Duguri, killing 12 fishermen and wounding two others, who died shortly after being wounded, fisherman Salao Inewa said.

The assailants left one fisherman in Duguri and put the bodies of the 12 men in a small boat and ordered him to take them to the town of Baga as a warning that no one should be caught in the lake.

"They told the man who left him to tell the soldiers in Baga that they were waiting for the two islands," Tokur said.

There has been no comment from the military and Nigerian officials about the incident, which comes a week after authorities lifted a two-year ban on fishing in the lake between Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

The Nigerian army banned fishing in the lake after accusations that Boko Haram used fishing proceeds to fund its armed campaign.

The ban has impoverished thousands of displaced people, forcing them to rely on government aid and relief agencies.

The lifting of the ban allowed the return of many fishermen to the scene.

Although the army's restoration of Baga from Boko Haram in February 2015 allowed the return of some residents, the jihadists continued sporadic attacks from their hideouts on a number of islands in the lake, where the intensity of the planting provided protection from military attacks.

In November 2014, the Boko Haram group killed 48 fishermen near Baga on their way to neighboring Chad to buy fish in one of the most deadly attacks by jihadists against fishermen in the region


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