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Several Decomposing Bodies Found Rotting At Arkansas Funeral Home

Arkansas Funeral Care, located at 2620 West Maine Street in Jacksonville, Arkansas was recently under suspicion after investigators noticed disturbing findings once they went inside the business.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who filed a lawsuit in local and state courts against Arkansas Funeral Care last year, said in a statement on Tuesday that her office had received multiple complaints from families, including that the business was responsible for the failure to cremate remains of customer's loved ones and that it left bodies unrefrigerated without being embalmed.

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The complaints included failure to provide cremation services for deceased individuals even after payment, leaving bodies unrefrigerated without being embalmed causing them to rot, and failure to provide adequate staff to transport bodies to and from crematoriums and morgues and processing untimely receipt of death certificates.

Many of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit in Arkansas reported delays in embalming that caused extreme levels of decomposition that left many families unable to even hold an open casket service due to the rotting flesh.

One person reported that the cremation of her husband, who was a United States Army Veteran, was delayed for over three weeks and that his remains were not available for a memorial service held in his honor.

“Our loved ones deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect,” said Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. “Regrettably, Arkansas Funeral Care ignored this responsibility and egregiously violated the trust of Arkansans. This settlement prevents the former owners from operating in the funeral care business and provides for restitution payments to consumers.”

Attorney General Rutledge filed a lawsuit against Arkansas Funeral Care in January of 2016 and inside the transcripts it stated that Arkansans entered into written contracts for specific chosen funeral goods and services with Arkansas Funeral Care based upon the advertisements which were listed on their website, as well as other oral offers and deals made during the sales process.

The contracts detailed the costs of the funeral goods and services to be rendered at the time of need, however many of the plaintiffs were not granted the same terms and conditions they were contractually obliged to have received under the law and bill of sale with the company.

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Under the terms of today’s new settlement agreement, Arkansas Funeral Care will provide restitution to the outstanding consumer complainants to whom the failed business provided services between August 1st of 2014 and January 31st of 2015 who have not yet received compensation for the misdealings.

Arkansas Funeral Care has paid some restitution to a handful of consumers through the order of the Embalmers and Funeral Directors Board and in several individual private lawsuits.

Through the settlement negotiation process, the State was able to determine which of its complainants paid for funeral care services during the originally agreed upon arrangement between customers and the business.

Defendants also agreed to provide restitution to those consumers which were wrongfully neglected. Consumers who purchased funeral insurance are now being reminded that the insurance is portable and need not be used at the funeral establishment where it was purchased.

In addition to the settlement agreement, the owners of Arkansas Funeral Care are permanently restrained from personally, or as part of any business entity, operating in the funeral care business in the State of Arkansas in any form or fashion.

Also as per the settlement agreement, the owners of Arkansas Funeral Care may not hold any license governed by the Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

The former owners are also responsible for $10,000 in civil penalties to the State of Arkansas for their misdeeds. However, they won't face criminal charges as per the agreement which could have been possible prior to the settlement.


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I did not have sexual relations with that funeral parlor

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This is so sick and sad. As a wife of a funeral director this is such disrespect of the deceased

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