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Benjamin Netanyahu's Wife Poised For Indictment Over Stealing Thousands Of Shekels

Deep in the heart of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is set to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara.

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She was originally charged for diverting public money into her private housekeeping expense fund to the tune of hundreds of thousands of shekels in funds which belonged to the Israeli State.

Sara Netanyahu is suspected of not only fraud and breach of trust related to misuse of public funds to pay for her private housekeeping expenses, but it's also estimated that she will face a total of four felonies in which Israeli law enforcement claim cost hundreds of thousands of shekels in state funds.

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The first felony indictment alleges that Mrs. Netanyahu hired an electrician without filing proper paperwork for a bid on the contract, and later covered his work expenses with state funds in order to save her own shekels.

The second felony she will face is over the improper use of state funds for her now deceased father’s medical care in their home.

The third felony she will be arraigned on is over the purchasing garden furniture for the Prime Minister’s Residence for her and her family and later moving it to the Netanyahu's private residence in Caesarea, also all of which she used Israeli government funds to pay for.

The fourth felony will be over lying on total costs spent for dining at the Prime Minister’s private residence, which is also paid for by state funds.

In response to the serious allegations, Sara Netanyahu’s attorney, Yossi Cohen, said that, “If the reports are correct, we are talking about ridiculous allegations. How far will the persecution of the Netanyahu family go? Until the cup of tea that an employee of the residence gave Mrs. Netanyahu’s 97 year old father on his deathbed while he lived there?”

Israeli media this past Monday said that the Israeli police suspected that a near total of NIS 11,000 (around $3,100.00) worth of food and nourishment for dining events and personal family meals was ordered to the Prime Minister’s Residence, and that someone forged receipts saying that the food was intended for the Prime Minister’s Office.

Not only is this a crime and is forbidden by law, but the Prime Minister’s Residence has a private chef, and food is not supposed to be ordered and paid for with state funds.

The Netanyahu family issued the following statement regarding the indictments in response, “Yair Netanyahu, the eldest son, is a vegetarian, Avner, the younger son, and Mrs. Netanyahu almost never eat meat, and the Prime Minister does not consume food worth thousands of shekels from a steak house. It would be interesting to find out the housekeeper’s part in these orders from 2011.”

It appears as if the Prime Minister is now shifting blame to a lower wage housekeeper, who at the time was Meni Naftali. Many people not only find this insulting but incredibly scandalous to even suggest such a claim.

<a href="">The Israel Police recommended that Sara Netanyahu be indicted at least a year ago</a>, and since that time officials from the State Attorney’s Office have been considering charges and recently decided to accept the recommendation.

Just this last week Sara Netanyahu was summoned for questioning at the Lahav 433 National Crime Unit. It was at that facility where insiders suggest the questioning was related to the fourth felony.

The Prime Minister himself is not considered a suspect in the case and has denied wrongdoing by his wife in the past.

However the Ministry of Justice stated, “We wish to clarify that at this stage, the Attorney General’s decision has yet to be made. When such a decision will be made, in addition to the added investigations as per the attorney general’s requests, a public announcement will be made.”


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