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Terrifying Video Of The Aftermath Of A Mass Shooting At Los Angeles Restaurant

Men, women, and children were trying to enjoy their meal together at a popular Los Angeles restaurant when gunshots broke out destroying the inside of the dining room.

Much of the horrific shooting and the aftermath was captured on video in what seems to be a never ending crime wave in California that threatens the lives of the innocent people caught in the crossfire.

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The video posted online shows the aftermath of the shootout at Carolyn's Kitchen in South L.A.

Windows were blown out and patrons were filmed hid beneath tables as crying children could be heard in the background in a horrendous scene of fear and chaos.

Tizinki Bailey, who's a cook at the restaurant, said, "Glass was shattering, people were screaming get down get down," he said. "A couple of bullets passed right past me, and I could hear the whistle, so I thought I was gonna get hit, but fortunately I didn't."

He also stated that two of his fellow co-workers were shot during the incident.

"One got shot in the leg, and he's fine, the other got shot in the stomach below the belly button, it went in and out, more like a flesh wound, I talked to him earlier on the phone and he's fine," he said.

You can see windows shattered inside and outside the restaurant, car windows destroyed in the parking lot, and just terrifying scenes of people and their children with dining room tables flipped up to protect them from the hail of gunfire as if a scene from an action movie.

The problem is this is real life, and Southern California continues to struggle with these brutal crimes.

Los Angeles Police Department say that the suspects are described as three black males in their late 20s to early 30s, and that they're still on the loose.

Police have yet to release any footage of the suspects or even a sketch composite of their appearance.

If you have information on the suspects or any pertinent knowledge of the crime Los Angeles Police Department can be reached at 1-877-LAPD-247 or contact their online tip line at for more resources.


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