By: Earnest Jones | 08-08-2017 | News
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Bigfoot Spotted In McDowell, North Carolina

A man in the Carolinas is getting a lot of attention after claiming to see Bigfoot.

John Bruner told NBC Charlotte that he spotted Bigfoot during the past weekend.

Bruner revealed that they made eye contact for about five to 10 seconds. Bruner holds a different belief from what is popular with pictures or claims that such encounters never happen.

"It was huge," Bruner said. "It was on two legs. It was bi-pedal. The hair on the head on the body was real stringy and matted looking. There was no hair on the face and the nose was flat. You can almost see up its nostrils."

Bruner said that he could smell the creature from a mile away before he had the extremely close encounter with Bigfoot.

"It was the closest I've ever been," he added. "Lot of people describe it as a bad odor, but this was more of a musty smell."

Bigfoot 911, which is Bruner's team, is not the first group to claim its spotted the mythical creature roaming around North Carolina.

Back in 2015, a footage was shared by a woman claiming she saw Bigfoot. In the footage, she implied that a large black blob in the background might have been a Bigfoot.

Trackers have for centuries been trying to trap Bigfoot, some say they're getting close. From footprints to photos that are yet to have been seen.

Bruner is convinced about what he saw. Surprisingly, he claims that "It didn't appear aggressive at all," . "It turned and went down the hill toward the bottom of the ridge line, which is where we were at and went about four yards in about five steps."


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Anonymous No. 6239 2017-08-08 : 18:19

Are you kidding me? It's a gorilla superimposed using photoshop. Are they trying to make conservatives look stupid by publishing this garbage?

Anonymous No. 6258 2017-08-09 : 04:04

I saw it too

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