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Vicious Hillary's Supporters Attack Ivanka and Her Baby Over Trivial 'Birthday' Meaning

Ivanka Trump is the epitome of an empowered woman-leading a busy, challenging career, attending to causes and advocacies, helping her father fulfill a lofty but daunting dream while taking care of her own young family at that-cherishing her role as wife and partner to husband Jared Kushner and a super mom to young kid Arabella, toddler Joseph, and baby Theodore.

Ivanka believes in harmony and balance, and no career or wealth trappings and modern day pressure and concept about-or more precisely against motherhood can change her devotion to her children whom she considers as blessings, and never as burdens.

As a hands-on mom fully embracing the joys of motherhood, despite her privileged lifestyle Ivanka is just like any equally devoted, hard working and caring American mothers out there- celebrating her baby's many firsts and important early developments- the first smile, the first laugh, the first crawl, walk, the first sound uttered, the first word said, and every month anniversary or " monthsary" or ' birthday' since birth on the first year.

So when her bundle of joy, baby Theodore, turned eight-month old a few days ago, the doting, excited mom could not help but tweet a photo of the baby in all his endearing, awesome cuteness seated on a large bed, smiling before the world, with the caption and a greeting that read: " I can not believe that Theodore is 8 months old today.Happy birthday, little teddy bear! Ivanka even used images of a teddy bear, a cake and milk bottle after the message.

Just a sweet, innocent and joyful message from a devoted mom- yet Hillary Clinton supporters easily and madly lose their mind over it and readily embarked on hateful, horrible tweets against Ivanka. And their beef? Her use of the word " birthday"!

The liberals ventured in nasty name-calling and peppering the Wharton-educated, lady business owner and executive Ivanka with insults as " stupid"', " idiot" , "airhead",

"moron" or clueless about numbers or the meaning of " birthday", and -gasp- even

"retarded". Really, such " classy" reaction from Hillary-loving liberals.

The terrible haters claim that birthdays are celebrated yearly! Sure- for children and adults! But for babies, it's a tradition in the U.S. and across the world to celebrate every month of "birthday" on a baby's first year! That's true for dedicated, devoted parents, anyway who celebrate every important occasion and development no matter how seemingly small in their baby's life, that is why there are parents who buy cakes every month of birth day for their babies on their first year. Must one call it monthsary instead? Month birthday? Month birth date? Or simply separate the two words- birth day? Who cares about being so ' literal' and who's being " stupid" for failing to get the common sense, practical meaning of Ivanka's ' birthday' message?

The irony is that the uncalled for attacks against mother and innocent, harmless baby came from liberals who during the campaign boasted and magnified Hillary's supposed political correctness against Donald Trump's alleged racist, sexist, abrasive manners and attitude. First lady Michelle Obama also took the cudgels for her fellow liberals when she reacted to the camp of Trump's supposed dirty tactics with the famous quote " when they go low, we go high!"

But attacking a mother for being a doting mother? And involving a perfectly harmless baby whose only " sin" is to smile adorably? How low can they go or sink to? Have the liberals lost their much-vaunted political correctness along with their devastating electoral loss to President-elect Donald Trump?

Ivanka's commitment to motherhood is not just lip service as she played a crucial role in the drafting of the affordable child care policy of her father during the campaign. She has said then that being a mother is the most important job a woman can have, and as such they should not be taking pay cuts while being mothers. Ivanka, considered by many political observers as her father's most effective endorser and even his secret weapon during the campaign, pushed for tax credits for child care, paid maternity leave and dependent-care savings accounts. She stood firmly with the belief that these measures will allow women to support their families while they further or advance their careers at the same time.

Those tweet reactions of Hillary supporters indeed reveal more about them and their 'values' than the one they are viciously attacking. Those are beyond petty but crossed the line to being downright vile. Perhaps they ought to ask themselves-which is truly a sin, that of celebrating a baby's ' birthday' every month on his first year or advocating to killing a baby in full term pregnancy through abortion like what Hillary and their lot espouse?

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