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Two Convicted Pedophiles Get Married Behind Bars

Two pedophiles claimed they fell in love with each other while spending time in jail for abusing children. They professed their desire to marry. People opposed the union arguing any marriage between the two would only serve as a front for the duo’s shared perverted interest in vulnerable children. But a gay man and a transitioning tranny were eventually permitted to marry in a prison chapel in June to the shock and disdain of those opposing the move.

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Leighton Morris and transitioning Catherine Rook “fought” for 18 months to get married. Prison chiefs opposed their move because they feared it was just a front for their shared perverted interest in children. The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman in Nottingham, England, however, overruled the prison chiefs and allowed the pedophiles to marry in a same-sex ceremony at a prison chapel in June.

But because of the pedophiles’ crimes, they can not live together outside of prison. One of them has since been moved to another prison as well after their wedding. Married convicts are not allowed to share cells.

The pair is said to be upset at the arrangement of having to live apart. People, however, are already furious as it is with the idea of two child sex offenders marrying while serving sentences for grave crimes. One said: “It raises concerns whether they are just in love with the idea of working together to abuse more young children.”

Rook then known as Terry Hook was jailed in 2009 for breaching a sex offender prevention order over 13 previous offenses against children. The pedophile pair requested to get married when Rook chose to transition.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen echoes the common sentiment as he said: “Most people will be left scratching their heads at the Ombudsman’s decision.”


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