By: Earnest Jones | 11-29-2016 | News
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Putin Employs China's Great Firewall To Russia in Cybersecurity Pact

The Russian authorities have collaborated with the Chinese authorities as they endeavor to tame the internet and its users to bring it under the control of the government.

Russia has been working on its internet filtering and control system known as Red Web. The Russian government is working towards incorporating key aspects of the China’s Great Firewall; the two countries have been collaborating to see the successful incorporation of key elements into Russia’s ‘’Red Web’’.

The Russian government has been working around the clock to ensure that internet use and its users are under great state control; key to this endeavors is the recent move by the Russian government to block the networking site LinkedIn. There has also been legislation that was announced this month allowing the government to have privacy over the cyberspace; this will comprise of the domain names, cross-border fibre-optic cables, and exchange points that make up the internet’s architecture.

As if that’s not enough, the Russian government introduced a law known as Yarovya’s Law which requires that the internet providers and telecom providers store user’s data for periods of up to six months while metadata is stored for 3 years so that the authorities can access it if necessary.

Internet freedoms are under attack as the Kremlin and other security officials drive this freedom to the offensive. This is as a result of fears that the internet could be used to mobilize protesters and circulate more dangerous ideas; therefore, the best way is to disconnect the internet whenever there is crisis.

The Russians need China’s technology since the Kremlin have no way of handling the large amounts of data that the Yarovaya’s Law requires. The Russian’s are also skeptic about western technology due to the existing sanctions.

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