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Police Find 15 Dead Animals and Five Children Inside ‘Deplorable’ Home in Dayton, Ohio

A scene of both tragedy and horror for investigators were called to the scene of a South Torrance Street home where a grandmother has called 911 to report a young girl not breathing.

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Transcripts of the emergency call are as follows:

<i>Caller: “Come on baby girl. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”</i>

<i>Caller: I’m in a medical field. I shouldn’t be wigging out, but this is my grand baby.”</i>

<i>Dispatch: “Take a deep breath. It’s different when it’s family.”</i>

Shortly thereafter the conversation emergency medical responders and police arrived to the house, where they say what they saw inside was absolutely disgusting.

Police say the entire house was littered with both human and animal feces, and there were fifteen corpses of various animals laying throughout the house.

Law enforcement say that most of the carcasses were that of various types of snakes, including both a large boa constrictor and a python.

“They had a rooster,” neighbor Malachi Perez said. “I know they had rabbits. I know the lady she had a bunch of snakes and what I seen out there was pretty sick.”

Detectives say they then called out Children's Services, who say they then discovered that four other children were found to be staying at the home. They were taken into child protective services.

As for the various animals which were found, neighbors in the area describe seeing the Montgomery County Resource Center removing several dead snakes in Tupperware containers.

“It feel very uncomfortable,” neighbor Jennifer Davis said. “It really does. Because I have children of my own and I don’t think I could ever let my child live in a nasty environment like that.”

Davis, who a mother of 3 kids herself, is now trying wrap her mind around what happened just steps from her home.

“Just very shocked still,” Davis said. “If I would have known this place was like this. I would have called on my own.”

Police say that at this time it is still unclear what caused the child to stop breathing. At least four relatives at the home including the grandparents of the children and the mother are facing multiple child endangerment charges related to the four other children found at the home.

At this time, no one is facing charges related to the one year old who wasn't breathing although police say that more charges are expected to brought upon completion of the investigation.


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tv_Square_Eyes No. 6208 2017-08-07 : 22:16

mental health . Those poor childen

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