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Senator Elizabeth Warren Accuses Big Pharma Of Hijacking The 21st Century Cures Act

The Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has accused Republicans saying that they are giving handouts to the pharmaceutical industry. Elizabeth Warren added that she is uncomfortable with the 21st Century Cures Act which she fears that it might accelerate the FDA approval process and this might put consumer’s health at stake.

A total of $4.8 billion will be allocated to the research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) based on the 21st Century Cures legislation which will allocate the funds. However, the Senator is more concerned with the possibility of the bill empowering the pharmaceutical industry.

In a move aimed at addressing the critical issue, Senator Elizabeth took the issue to the Senate floor where she blamed the Republicans of allowing the Big Pharma to Hijack the cures bill, all this unfolded on Monday.

Elizabeth Warren claims that the measures being taken are political in nature and only have one agenda which is to cover for the huge giveaways to the giant drug companies. The bill has several provisions which are common amongst the Democrats and the progressives too; such include funding in a bid to avoid the mental health treatment and opioid crisis.

The controversy surrounding the bill concern the lowering of standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and eradicating the NIH’s funding which is usually mandatory, the bill will also require that the agency goes through the appropriations process every year.

The biggest concern that the Senator expressed was that the bill will lower the standards that evaluate the approval of new groups since the bill revolves around accelerating the process for life saving drugs.

There are also several members in the state who happen to have an issue with the bill such include Senator Bernie Sanders who has a different opinion compared to other Democrats.

There are also some Republicans who have a problem with the 21st Century Cure bill such include Senator Chuck Grassley who also said that the section which advocates for the weakening of disclosure requirements for the payment that pharmaceutical companies make to doctors. Voting will take place on Wednesday in the House after which it will go to the Senate thereafter.

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