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Trump Effect On The Motor Industry: Ford Announces It Will Keep Manufacturing Plant In Kentucky

During the presidential campaign, the president-elect Donald Trump pledged to the American people that he would bring back the employment opportunities that had been taken by other countries. Bringing back job opportunities was one of the crucial things that Donald Trump aims at focusing in his tenure as president of the US. Trump’s ambition on bringing back job opportunities was met with a lot of criticism by the leftist who questioned his ability to bring back the job opportunities in the country, surprisingly the same leftist have done nothing much for the country. However, Donald Trump is already proving the leftist wrong, apart from the Apple negotiations that Trump proposed to Apple’s CEO, he’s got his eyes on Ford Motor Company.

The Ford Motor Company had plans of moving its production to Mexico, however Ford Motor Company has made an announcement that that will not be the case. The company has cancelled it’s plans to move the production to Mexico saying that Trump’s victory in the presidential election has made the company to keep its manufacturing plant in Kentucky.

In a report made by Keith Naughton from Bloomberg reports, Mr. Trump was relentless in the campaign period as he continuously criticized Ford Motor Company for its plans to move production to Mexico where the wages are actually 80 percent less than the US. Ford Motor Company was planning to move its small-car production to Mexico. However, Mr. Trump had threatened to slap Ford’s Mexican-built cars with a 35 percent tariff if they moved the production to Mexico.

The Trump effect has already started producing positive effects to the economy; case in point is the effectiveness of tariffs regarding the free market, Trump is consciously using the tariffs to make sure that there are jobs in the United States. If the Trump’s effect continues implementing the strategies in place the economy will drastically improve and numerous job opportunities will be created. This presidency is bound to transform the United States of America and make the nation great again. The Motor industry has been deteriorating every decade something that Trump is about to change.

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