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Bill Maher Hits Al Gore with an “Inconvenient Joke”

Maybe HBO’s Bill Maher can be called the king of “rubbing it in” as he poked fun at former vice president, presidential aspirant and so-called champion of climate change and environmental activism Al Gore for his loss in the Florida recount against President George W. Bush in the 2000 election.

Gore was a guest on Maher’s show, “Real Time with Bill Maher”, as he was keen on promoting his new documentary about climate change,”An Inconvenient Sequel.”

At one point after Gore’s discussions on his favorite topic, Maher said: “When the sea levels rise, we could lose Venice, we could lose Florida.” And then saved the most explosive punch: “ And who would know better about losing Florida?”

Gore tried to laugh it off, and also attempted to appear cool about the unexpected hit albeit in a joking manner, and “gamely” responded: “Actually I think I carried Florida.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">&quot;The lobbyists and the fat cat contributors hacked our democracy before Putin hacked our democracy.&quot; – <a href="">@AlGore</a> <a href="">#BeInconvenient</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Real Time (@RealTimers) <a href="">August 6, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Florida held an election recount in the 2000 presidential election between Democrat Al Gore, former vice president to then outgoing president Bill Clinton, and Republican George W.Bush. The votes in Florida became too close to call according to exit polls, and it became apparent on election night that votes from the state could serve as the decisive factor in the results of the election. Gore filed for the recount but the Florida vote was ultimately settled in Bush’s favor by a margin of 537 votes when the U.S. Supreme Court, in Bush v. Gore, stopped a recount that had been initiated upon a ruling by the Florida Supreme Court. Such gave Bush a majority of votes in the Electoral College and victory in the presidential election.

The Inconvenient Sequel opens in theaters nationwide this week and came 11 years after the supposed ground-breaking documentary on climate change The Inconvenient Truth. Advocates are claiming that the Inconvenient Sequel is being shown now that the effects of climate change have been clearer and more directly felt by recent environmental catastrophes both in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

President Trump has never wavered, however, on his skepticism on climate change and just this week, the U.S. has formalized its decision by informing the UN of its action to effectively pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.


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Anonymous No. 6195 2017-08-07 : 15:06

Just because you don't like Gore or you have the same limited intellect as Trump doesn't make the climate issue wrong. Even ignoring that, I like having places for my kids to go without being poisoned or choking to death, take away the regs like Trump is doing and soon there will be nowhere for our kids, or theirs, etc. Only a trulely selfish prick would ignore that fact, ain't that right Trump.

Guy above is Idiot No. 6198 2017-08-07 : 15:57

Why don't we go over your unbiased man made global catastrophes evidence?

Okay, done since there isn't any. You fucking bot. Obama or Hillary paid shill.

Guy above is illiterate No. 6210 2017-08-07 : 23:21

So there has never been 'any' man-made catastrophes?(NOTE; I never said global you prat) Oh look, there have been quite a few catastrophes caused by man, let me guess, they don't count because they aren't big enough. Also you moron I said about keeping contaminents down you no-wit so that future generations don't end up suffering, do try to think. Oh, as for the Obama/Trump shill, why would I need to do that? I only care about my kids, not how much a Trump shill gets paid, as for a bot? Well it's pretty clear you'll do whatever your coward-in-chief says, even if it means leaving a cesspool for your descendants, but hey I'm sure they'll applaud you, once they've topped up their lungs from the oxy bottles. Your trouble is you're so full of piss and vinegar about some dicks(probably leftys or tree huggers or vegans, whatever), that you haven't bothered to think about the smaller effects on places like your local community, i'm talking about for example some local grassland being bought out and turned into bunker sites for various types of toxic waste because the EPA regs have been dropped, still fancy it? because that's happened in a bunch of places, want it for your kids? or maybe your so smug you think it can't happen because 'you' said so.

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