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‘Roseanne’ TV Series Revival Coming Back For 8 Episodes

Who can forget the serious family comedy of Roseanne from the late 80s and early 90s? It's iconic in terms of relating to the average American, and their struggles, anguish, humor, and love.

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Next year of the most highly anticipated revivals in television history will return with Roseanne in an 8 episode resurrection of the classic sitcom starring Roseanne Barr.

Originally on television for 9 seasons from 1988 to 1997, Roseanne spent much of that time at or near the top of the rating charts, winning over viewers by presenting a look at a working class family that faced everyday problems like struggling to pay the bills and navigating the minefields that are childhood and adolescence.

Of course, the Roseanne dynamic changed massively during season 9, which originally ended the series. During that final season, the Conner family won the lottery, and the subjects of the show began to grow apart.

Roseanne’s original series finale went even further out there, revealing that the entire series had been a book the real Roseanne Conner was writing, and the family’s actual circumstances were much different than what appeared in the book.

Most notably, infamous husband and father during the series, Dan, who was played by John Goodman, was revealed to have in fact died of a heart attack.

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However, ABC confirmed during today’s press conference that when Roseanne returns, Dan Conner will be alive and well.

While it has been previously reported that Roseanne’s revival would ignore some of the plots from the season 9 finale, this is the first official confirmation that Dan’s death will be one of them, although most had suspected that would be the case since Goodman was already known to be signed on to the project.

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Fans of the series will surely be excited to know that the Conner family will be reunited fully going into the revival.

While the cast may be a lot older, Roseanne has proven she's still got a sense of humor and the show will likely be just as hilarious as it was before, due to her comedic genius.

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Currently cast for the reboot all five members of the immediate Conner family are now confirmed as alive and returning, and talks are allegedly suggesting that Darlene’s husband David Healy, actor Johnny Galecki, who is a star of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, will also be back.

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ABC says that negotiations for Galecki to return are ongoing, but prior reports have suggested that CBS might not be so willing to lend one of its biggest sitcom stars to a rival network.

It also remains to be seen how the absence of David’s brother and Becky’s husband, Mark will be addressed. The actor Glenn Quinn died of a tragic opioid overdose back in 2002.

The series is being widely embraced on social media as a throwback to the thriving 90s. Fans are ecstatic to see it return.


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