By: Earnest Jones | 11-29-2016 | News
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Obama Is handing Out Medals Of Freedom To Supporters That Donated Big Money To Democrats

The outgoing President Barrack Obama has recently issued medals of Freedom to a bunch of Democrats and individuals who supported him in his political endeavors; this marked his final round in awarding the Medals of Freedom. Most of those awarded with the Medals of Freedom included Democratic donors.

The Nation’s highest civilian awards were awarded to those individuals who made meritorious contributions to the security or matters of national interest of the United States. The list of those individuals who were considered as honorees was unveiled on November 16th for the 2016 list. The honorees were then awarded on Tuesday.

The honorees had made contributions in matters such as world peace, cultural matters, or other private and public contributions. The majority which consisted of 11 honorees have contributed to Democratic committees and campaigns some that directly supported the outgoing President Obama.

There were a few nominees that are in the Hollywood industry but they also happened to advocate for Hillary Clinton or Obama. In a statement made by the outgoing President Barack Obama he insisted on how important the awards were saying that it was inevitable to consider and award individuals that pushed the United States forward,

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is a tribute to the idea that every citizen has the ability and opportunity to make change to the country; it’s also the nation’s highest civilian honor that a citizen can get. President Obama said that the individuals who got the award have made tremendous changes that have inspired millions of people around the globe in a range of professions from philanthropists, public servants, activists, scientists, artists, athletes.

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