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Iowa Congressmen Outs Obama's Payments to George Soros

Barack Obama and George Soros were more than just bedfellows, they literally wrote the book together for the future plans of the Deep State and how to work in the shadows to subvert democracy globally, according to Iowa Congressman Steve King.

<strong>Meddling in other’s elections is a violation of international law. In 1965, the United Nations General Assembly reaffirmed this with a resolution stating:</strong>

<i>“No State has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal affairs of any other State.”</i>

The International Court of Justice also considers such intervention to be illegal. More importantly, U.S. law prohibits the use of tax dollars to influence foreign elections.

Obama has a long standing history of interference in foreign political campaigns, even before he was elected as President in 2008.

Obama, as a U.S. Senator, illegally used a taxpayer-financed trip to campaign for far-left Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga in Kenya’s 2006 elections.

Right after Obama was elected, marxist Honduran President Manual Zelaya attempted to illegally amend the Honduran Constitution in order to allow himself to serve as President longer than one term.

A battle between Zelaya and a mob of protesters broke out and spilled over into a military installation where blank ballots were stored and tried to hold a constitutional referendum without the support of the election authorities.

As a result if that sham election the Honduran Supreme Court forcefully removed him from office as Honduran law calls for.

Obama attacked Zelaya’s removal at the time, once again interfering in a sovereign nation's decision making process, falsely calling it a “coup d’état” and a WikiLeaks cable revealed that Obama backed Zelaya’s reinstatement in order to please Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, who, like Fidel Castro, was an ally of Zelaya.

During Israel’s 2015 elections, the Obama Administration, being led by Secretary of State John Kerry at the time, illegally intervened when they attempted to defeat the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by covertly funneling State Department grants to opposition groups.

The Obama Administration allegedly detested Netanyahu due to his refusal to cave into Palestinian demands, which then refused to recognize the existence of Israel.

During that time Obama’s State Department gave $350,000 to a group called the “One Voice Movement” for supporting “peace negotiations” between Israel and Palestine.

However, the State Department then used leftover funds to organize an effort against Netanyahu’s reelection. OVM contracted out a group called “V15,” which in turned hired five campaign experts from the U.S., including Obama’s field director from his last presidential campaign.

Once the infrastructure was built, it was used in an attempt to topple the government of one of America’s closest allies.

An investigation by the U.S. Senate found that the “State Department failed to adequately guard against the risk that resources built with government grants would be deployed for political purposes.”

As with most investigations of Obama scandals, emails documenting this illegal election activity were destroyed and as usual, no one was held accountable.

The government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, obtained government documents that “show the U.S. government has quietly spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia by colluding with leftwing, billionaire philanthropist George Soros.”

Indeed, Obama’s ambassador to Macedonia, Jeff Baily, worked to funnel millions of dollars from the State Department and USAID to groups created by Soros which were, according to JW, working to overthrow the conservative government.

Earlier this year Judicial Watch sued the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to get records showing nearly $5 million in American taxpayer money went to the Macedonian branch of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The conservative watchdog group filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department and USAID after both failed to respond to a February FOIA request seeking records related to grants or payment authorizations, records of communication between State Department and USAID officials and the Open Society Foundations.

Judicial Watch had also asked for responsive records of communication sent from Jess L. Baily, an Obama-appointee and former U.S. ambassador to Macedonia, and similar records of the political activities of the Open Society Foundation-Macedonia.

The USAID website reported that between February 27th 2012, and August 31st of 2016, USAID gave $4.8 million in taxpayer money to Soros’ organization. The USAID’s website links to one of the Open Society Foundation websites, which says the project trained hundreds of young Macedonians “on topics such as freedom of association, youth policies, citizen initiatives, persuasive argumentation, and use of new media.”

“The Obama administration seemed to bust taxpayer budgets in an effort to fund the Soros operation,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Trump State Department and USAID should get their act together and disclose the details of the Obama-Soros spigot.”

We all remember Benghazi back in 2011, and when Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both not only interfered politically in Libya but militarily as well, by orchestrating a series of policies designed to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power which led to the catastrophic Arab Spring and essentially created ISIS and the European Refugee Crisis.

In total Obama spent at least $1 billion to fund a military operation to topple Gaddafi, with American soldiers actually fighting alongside jihadist-dominated rebel groups.

At the time it was widely reported that the CIA was providing covert assistance to elements of the Transitional National Council,” again, a group dominated by radical jihadists.

Under Obama, Libya was transformed from a moderate Islamic regime which posed no threat to the USA, to a violent wasteland dominated by various ISIS and al-Qaeda linked militias.

Anyone with foreign policy experience can now say that the illegal intervention in Libya directly has destroyed Europe, as Libya was the floodgates protecting the continent from Radical Islamic Invaders from Africa.

Obama also dedicated his efforts into interference in Egypt, where a rift was creating havoc in the nation.

The Egyptian people were so furious with Obama’s intervention, they forcefully removed Morsi and installed a pro-American moderate Muslim named Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as president. Morsi was then arrested by the Egyptian military for treason.

Back in September of 2016, contrary to mainstream media lies claiming Soros “regretted backing Obama”, George Soros pledged to spend up to $500 million on President Obama’s campaign to benefit refugees resettling.

The White House announced the commitment from Soros Fund Management and 50 other companies ahead of then President Obama’s convening to a refugee summit at the United Nations in New York City.

Other firms in which joined in on that initiative included Uber, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Citigroup.

In total those firms pledged to donate or raise more than $650 million to support more than 6.3 million refugees in more than 20 countries.

Congressman Steve King of Iowa is now reigniting these flames, showing that little to no investigation was ever done for all the clear crimes Obama is guilty of. Many of which the Administration made zero effort to hide.


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