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Egypt Rising with the Charisma of a new President

When the people overthrew the rule of the terrorist group on 3 July 2013 Egypt was in an enviable situation after one year of the rule of the terrorist group and after about 3 years from 25 January, 2011 was marked by chaos and deteriorating conditions in all sectors. AL-Sisi became President of Egypt after a fair presidential election based on a popular appeal to him and not because he wanted the terrible position, not at the critical time, but the people requested him and he responded to the request of the Egyptian people.

The President pledged to restore the Egyptian state to its flames while preserving the institutions of the state and face attempts to destroy them with the commitment of each institution in its national role for which it was established and make the fight against corruption a national trend governing the work of these institutions. Al Sisi is a man of dignity very loyal to His mother land "Egypt”. He has the desire to make a change in His country, He was so driven by his love of Egypt and its people. He wanted to take Egypt to a higher level and bring the glory days once again. He targeted the problems, directed everyone working under him. He Had a vision, timed mission, and plans that were put into action. President Al-Sisi know is a highly regarded and respected figure worldwide. Here is what Al-Sisi managed to do in a short time, breaking all the records and making the impossible possible.

During his tenure as defense minister, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi began to redevelop the army, training, and armament, to realize the serious dangers that the region was causing. He was able, in a short time and out of sight, to succeed in the development process at a record time.

Al-Sisi was not satisfied with this but took upon himself the continuation of the development of the capabilities of the armed forces after his arrival in the presidential seat. In two years he managed to jump the Egyptian army in the ranking of the strongest among the armies of the world to rank 12 while Israel ranked 16 to widen the power gap between the two armies to 4 levels. Egypt has signed a deal with Russia to buy 12 fighter jets of modern air sovereignty "Su 30 Ka", a fighter jet of the famous "Sukhoi”. In February 2015 signed an agreement with France to buy 24 aircraft "Rafal”. Also signed for the 2 Helicopter carriers “Mistral”. December 2015, was the inauguration of the first modern Egyptian Submarine of the "209/1400" model. In April 2016, Alexandria Shipyard celebrated the launch of the first GOWIND warship in Egypt.

On August 6, 2015, Sisi inaugurated the new Suez Canal project during a record period that the world has never seen before as a national project to develop the water artery linking East to the west and to ensure Egypt's status as a vital center for trade. This project surpasses its economic revenues, which contributed tremendously to increase the national income of Egypt Encouraging exports through the disbursement of export refunds amounting to 1.9 billion pounds obtained by 1794 companies, with a value of about 33 billion pounds.

Developing and manufacturing industrial zones in 22 governorates for LE 75 million

and Encouraging local industries through issuing a republican decree to pass a law to prefer Egyptian products in government contracts. In the field of electric power, 3.6 gigs were injected into the network within the framework of the implementation of the urgent plan for reforming the electricity system.

In order to face unemployment, 260,000 jobs were provided in the public and private sectors, 165,000 workers were employed in irregular jobs, 2.8 million pounds were distributed as subsidies to 24,000 workers, 35.3 million pounds were distributed to workers in troubled companies and 1512 were trained for the labor market. The level of 68,000 workers was measured and g is the rehabilitation of 900 women for the labor market. Within the framework of the system of control and follow-up: 270 thousand facilities were inspected, and 60 thousand violations of labor laws.

one of the greatest Egyptian projects was the rehabilitation of 1.5 million acres, which consists of two parts, one through the cultivation of thousands of acres, as in the village of Amal, and the other the establishment of urban communities in those places for integrated development. According to the latest official statistics issued by the Ministry of Irrigation, 600 wells have been drilled in the project wells, along with the cultivation of several acres in the village of Amal project, which will be the first to bear fruit during the new year.

The administrative capital, a new administrative and economic city in the Greater Cairo area The government is considering the new administrative capital project, which will be divided by 67% for housing through the construction of 285 thousand housing units for the low-income and 15 thousand for the higher income classes to accommodate 6.5 million people in the end. The plan also includes the new capital of several projects that provide new jobs for young people, which contributes to solving the unemployment crisis.

The first Nuclear plant in the middle east for peaceful purposes. The Russian company Ross Atom, responsible for setting up the first nuclear plant to generate electricity in the land of Data, is keen to complete its work in the first phase of the project by establishing 4 generating units with a capacity of 4800 MW at the agreed date in 2026, indicating that the first unit will be started with a capacity of 1200 MW Days of signing the final contracts to start the implementation of the nuclear plant in preparation for delivery in 2022.

An Egyptian pharmaceutical company has succeeded in reaching an iron drug that treats patients with hepatitis C virus, which reduces the cost of treatment globally and significantly, according to the International Organization of Intractable Diseases, at the World Conference of liver diseases 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. He prices of the new drug, which will be produced by VARCO Pharmaceuticals, will not exceed $ 3.5 a day for about $ 1,000 now for medicines produced by a US company and international companies and will be available on the market within a year or two to replace current drugs that are expensive and force providers to Distribution of specific doses.

In the Petroleum sector, there is a Production of 705 thousand barrels per day of crude oil and condensates and 4800 million cubic feet of gas sold. Production of 39.6 million tons of gas, an increase of 2.7% over the forecast for 2015-2016.

Production of 40.4 million tons of petroleum and petrochemical products from investment companies and the public sector. Refining about 35 million tons of crude oil. Production of 17.8 tons of gold from the sugar mine worth 683 million dollars.

Production of 2 million tons phosphate.

In the Health Sector, Developed 475 specialized treatment hospitals and 2914 primary care units. Develop 12 central labs for ambulances and 500 autoclaves for mobile clinics and 10 vehicles for family planning.

The Education Sector Completed 869 schools with 13681 classrooms. Construction of 574 schools with 8000 classrooms started. Processing 15504 schools’ computer lab.

10025 classrooms for the general secondary school. The completion of the construction of 72 Azharia institutes. Increase the number of envoys to 3,715 envoys. Increasing the public and private universities with 4 universities.

In Social Justice sector, an integrated village was built for homeless children with more than 2,000 children. Completion and development of 28 social service centers in the neediest villages. Development of 8 relief centers in cases of floods, disasters, and disasters. Development of 16 social defense complex. Establish 107 units and social management. Access to 1.5 million families benefiting from the Takaful and Dignity Program by 2018.Establishment and development of 13 vocational rehabilitation centers and offices for the disabled. Issuance of the Law on Persons with Disabilities and the Declaration on the Strategy for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities.

This is just a glimpse of the land of Nile rising back to its previous Glory. Throughout history, Egypt overcame all the obstacles and Egyptians took every challenge with bravery and pride. Egyptians sense of nationalism is so deep, they are looking for a brighter future and they are working hard to lead their country to the top once again. With the persistence of the Egyptians and The leadership of President Sisi Egypt will shine and the whole world will speak of its glory.

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